Why the Salt Lamp Melts and How to fix it {Update 2022}

Salt lamps are decorative elements and air purifiers with a very long useful life, but there are a number of factors that can damage your salt lamp if they occur.

Surely, and if you are here it will be because of that, you have found your wet salt lamp on its surface, with drops formed on it, or even in the most extreme cases, when the salt sweats, it can form a small puddle on the base, so what does it mean when the salt lamp sweats?

Don’t worry, this phenomenon is common in salt lamps, but you have to try to minimize it if you want your salt stone lamp to last a long time.

Below we will explain why your salt lamp melts and what measures you can take so that this does not happen again. If you need any other information, visit our home page where you will find all the information about Himalayan salt lamps.

Why does your salt lamp release water?

One of the common problems in salt stone lamps is that they sweat and because of this they lose size, that is, they melt, all of which reduces the useful life and the spectacular benefits of the salt lamp towards your health.

This phenomenon is common in Himalayan salt lamps, and generally occurs due to the presence of high humidity in the environment or air of your home, the process or mechanism that causes your salt lamp to sweat is called hygroscopicity .

This phenomenon, so beneficial for our health and necessary to purify the air and fill us with energy, can be problematic if there is a lot of humidity in the environment.

Hygroscopy , a common and natural process in Himalayan salt lamps, is characterized by the fact that the lamp attracts the water molecules that are in the environment of our home, which are loaded with harmful particles , and these are deposited on the surface of the lamp and that, thanks to the internal heat of the bulb, end up evaporating.

The problem is whether there is too much water in the air, or put another way, the humidity level . This situation is typical in bathrooms, near the coast or in tropical climates, in these areas salt lamps sweat water reducing their useful life drastically.

5 precautions to prevent the Himalayan salt lamp from melting

If you are one of those whose salt lamp falls apart, we are going to give you a series of tips and recommendations so that your salt lamp stops releasing water or crying and in this way you prolong its useful life to the maximum and you can enjoy this natural source air purifier.

Place the salt stone lamp in a suitable place

This aspect is vital if you want your salt lamp to stop crying, you must analyze where in your house there is generation of humidity, typically these areas correspond to the bathroom , because the showers generate a lot of water vapor, and the kitchen , because boiling food loads the environment with humidity or rooms with a large number of plants. You could say that in this case it is a salt and water lamp, which is what we want to avoid.

If your salt lamps melt and you are one of those who placed them in humid environments , you already know

what to do, you should avoid putting your salt lamp in these spaces at all costs.

Keep your rock salt lamp lit

Keep your lamp on  as long as possible. The internal heat generated by the bulb is what causes the water molecules to evaporate when they are attracted to the surface of the salt lamp , since the bulb transmits its heat to the lamp and its outer surface.

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What if I have a salt lamp that sweats?

If you are one of those who has a salt lamp that sweats water , one of the most effective solutions is to keep it on for longer, and the more hours it spends on, the better the benefits for your health and the quality of the air in your home.

If the salt lamp releases water, check the power of the bulb

This is a typical mistake made by people who buy a salt lamp, and it is due to the lack of accurate and truthful information, so you should check what type of bulb is installed.

Depending on the size of your salt lamp , you should use a bulb with less or more power so that the outer surface can heat up. We recommend that you use 15 W bulbs for small salt stone lamps , 25 W for medium ones, and 40 W for large or giant salt rock lamps .

Don’t even think about using LED bulbs in the salt lamp, as these will not heat the surface (it is a type of bulb that does not emit heat) and will only aggravate the problem. If your Himalayan salt lamp leaks water and you put an LED bulb in it, it will sweat even more.

Dry your Himalayan salt rock lamp with a cloth

If you notice that small drops of water begin to form on the surface of your salt lamp, it is highly recommended to use a soft cloth to remove this moisture , which, over the hours, would end up forming a small puddle at the base of our lamp.

At this point it is advisable to be very aware of the lamp since it can quickly go to the next stage, which becomes a salt and water lamp, making it more difficult to recover.

Reduce ambient humidity if the salt lamp releases water

If you live on the coast or in a tropical area with a lot of vegetation and therefore a high level of humidity, it can be a real headache for you trying to solve the problems associated with hygroscopicity.

That is why, in such a situation, you can only take measures focused on reducing said humidity in your home, which will positively affect the hygroscopic effect of your salt lamp.

Aerating the home well, using fans or air conditioners greatly lowers the humidity level, although in these cases, the most recommended effective and economical option is the dehumidifier.

If the salt lamps melt, the dehumidifier can be your great ally

There are times that even following all the above advice, your lamp will still sweat, this situation generally occurs in tropical environments or near the coast , in these situations it is extremely difficult to keep the air in your home free of humidity.

To solve the root problem, it is recommended to install several dehumidifiers in the rooms where your salt lamps are located, it is the most efficient formula to apply if your salt lamp loses water.

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So…how long do salt lamps last?

It is undoubtedly the million-dollar question, but to answer it we must first highlight that a lamp of this type is made up of 3 basic elements, the salt block, the light bulb and the base with the cable.

We will understand, then, that a Himalayan salt lamp stops doing its job when the block itself has drastically reduced its size, since the rest of the parts are replaceable consumables, which is why it is of great importance to act quickly as soon as we see that the salt lamp loses water.

Well, the answer is very simple, the duration of a salt lamp is eternal , you will buy it, you will have died and it will still be there… as long as you give it the necessary care and affection, otherwise its life will be cut to a maximum of 5 years depending on humidity.

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