What Types of LED Bulbs are There For The Home?

LED bulbs have become in recent years the most demanded lighting in the vast majority of homes. The gradual decrease in prices that these types of LED bulbs have experienced and the fact that for their use it is not necessary to change the lamps or the electrical installation, has contributed even more to the growth of their demand.

Advantages of LED bulbs

  • Lower consumption

Up to 80% less than incandescent and 30% less than fluorescent.

  • Longer duration

Up to twenty times more than traditional bulbs.

  • Less harmful effects for humans

They do not generate high magnetic fields or emit UVA rays.

Operation of LED bulbs

The operation of LED bulbs is by direct current, so they contain a small transformer for adaptation to the alternating current of the houses.

They also have a driver, which is a small power source to supply the adequate voltage.

Types of LED bulbs

  • Halogen or thread

As for the types of LED bulbs, a first classification would be the classic between halogen or screw type bulbs.

  • LEDs

Another classification is based on the LEDs (light-emitting diodes) used by the bulb, in that sense there is a wide range that would range from bulbs with only 3 LEDs to 20 or even more.

Now, more than the number, it is convenient to take into account the quality of its active material, which is known by the density of the led, which is what converts electricity into photons and, consequently, makes a led emit more or less light.

  • Cap type

The types of LED bulbs for houses are also determined by the type of socket, which can be from E27 (the classic for bulbs with large thread), E14 (for smaller sizes) or, in the case of halogen bulbs, the GU10 or GU3.5.

  • Bulb shape

Another classification would be related to the shape of the bulb, fundamentally distinguishing between spherical bulbs, candle-shaped bulbs, tube bulbs and bulbs with other more sophisticated shapes, such as diamond shapes.

  • Light type
  • The types of LED bulbs can also be classified according to the color of the light they produce, which can range from a natural or neutral white, without shades, to a warm white, close to yellow, or a cold white (with a certain bluish tinge). .
  • There are also types of dimmable LED bulbs, in which the intensity can be adjusted, and RGB LED bulbs, which allow you to configure the color of the light and, consequently, provide colored lights.

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