What LED lighting should I put in the bedroom?

In terms of lighting, the bedroom appears to be the least important room in the house. Since the function of the bedroom is not to constitute a workspace but to promote sleep behavior, the intensity of the light is required to be conscientiously low. As we become aware of this fact, we recognize that bedroom lighting is important and special.

Normally, the bedroom is not used exclusively for sleeping, but it is also carried out in other activities such as reading, watching television, etc. Correct lighting guarantees the relaxing atmosphere and makes it cozy. So a good lighting plan is essential.

What general lighting should I use?

In order to be able to orient and move around the room or half asleep safely first thing in the morning, a bright light is recommended to illuminate the room evenly. The type of product used for general lighting depends on the size, the furniture and your personal taste. For a small bedroom, a ceiling light is sufficient in most cases. For larger rooms, an LED rail system is a good option. If the recessed spotlights are adjustable, the light can also be focused on shelves and cabinets so that their compartments are optimally lit.

You must pay attention to the quality of your lights. A warm color temperature will help create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom, as it is softer and more comfortable on the eyes than a cold temperature. A dimmable bulb like the Philips DimTone can be a useful option, as it allows you to reduce the intensity and temperature of the light to a comfortable, relaxing glow after dark. With the Philips SceneSwitch there is also the possibility to dim the light without a dimmer / dimmer.

If possible, always install a light switch next to the bed and another next to the door.

What lighting for specific tasks?

Remember the simple activities you do every day, like putting on makeup or dressing. Each task requires good and specific lighting.

Whether in combination with a dressing table or alone, a mirror usually belongs to the basic equipment of the room. Here too, uniform and quality lighting is required. Philips ExpertColor has the highest color rendering index and displays colors in the most natural way. For shadow-free reproduction of the reflected image, the installation of two light sources is recommended, left and right.

What is accent light?

Accent lighting is generally simply decorative. As previously mentioned, track lighting or adjustable spotlights can also be used to create ambiance or to enhance the decor or architecture of the room.In general accent lighting is purely decorative lighting. Accent lighting can be achieved simply by adjusting the intensity of the lights or adding decorative lighting, for example, LED strips .

An individually organized lighting system is recommended, such as a track system with spotlights.



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