Types of existing lighting for the home

If you want to give your home a different look that renews the energies of the place, it is time for you to make some changes in the decoration, furniture placement, and types of lighting.

Lighting is a key factor to give a place the style you want, such as intimate, modern, classic, etc. Knowing the types of lighting that exist will be of great help so that you decorate and illuminate the space you want correctly, the combination of the different types of lighting will create a pleasant and cozy environment.

Types of existing lighting for the home

·         General lighting

This type of lighting is used to illuminate the desired spaces in their entirety, such as rooms, terraces, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

To illuminate these places , ceiling lamps are generally used whose switches are located at the entrance of the place in question, in this way, people when entering can turn on the lighting without inconvenience. Correctly positioning the lamps is very important as this will avoid annoying shadows.

A poorly lit area not only affects the decoration and appearance of the place, it can also cause discomfort to the people who are there, an observation that you must take into account if what you want to illuminate are offices, study rooms, libraries, etc.

·         Spot lighting

The dining room table, kitchen, desk, bedroom headboard, sofas and bathroom chairs are some of the places where spot lighting is of great help.

The purpose of spot lighting is to illuminate a specific place or point to make it easier to carry out an activity, such as preparing food, reading, putting on makeup, etc.

This type of lighting is only directed to the desired point.

·         Decorative lighting

As its name indicates, this type of lighting aims to illuminate specific parts of an area.

Walls with photos, paintings and art are one of the most suitable places to dare to place this type of lighting as well as gardens, terraces, stairs and corners.

Decorative lighting allows you to create a unique and original atmosphere in the place that will surprise everyone.

·         Ambient lighting

Among the different types of lighting that exist, this is one that requires the most attention and care when choosing the design and locating the lamps with which you want to light the place, since the way in which the light will depend is projected.

With ambient lighting you can create a special environment that will make the place more welcoming.

The lamps you choose must project a dim light to create the desired effect, just as you must study which are the most suitable places to place it.

Now that you know more about the different types of existing lighting for the home, dare to make some changes in the lighting of your home and create a different environment with the style that you like the most.

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