The Best Lighting Tips to Put Light in the Whole House

We like the light. We love bright, warm, welcoming environments … That is why we want to offer you some lighting tips that will help you achieve those special and comfortable spaces. Take note of them and put them into practice.

Lighting is a determining factor that we cannot ignore when it comes to decorating our home. If we achieve a good design when giving light to our environments, we will be able to maximize the interior design. And this is valid for any environment in the house, be it the living room, the bathroom or the kitchen. These lighting tips that we are going to explain below can serve as a small guide. Take advantage of it!

The lighting of space is a fundamental aspect as far as its decoration is concerned. In the way in which we design the light, we can enrich the interior design or, directly, load it with a stroke of the pen. For this reason, and although we are not great experts in the matter, it is always advisable to look for some information that helps us choose the lamps or know where to place them depending on each space.

Do you need lighting tips? Set the light points

It is a good way to start designing the lighting in your living room, for example, or in any other room in the house. Start by thinking about the dimensions of the space and the number of points of light you think you will need.

First, define the general light that the environment will have, and that usually comes from the ceiling lamp. Then continue with the auxiliary, table, floor lamps or even wall sconces. These points of light not only add light to the room, but also add warmth and often become very special and decorative design elements.

How to choose the correct size


This seems obvious, it is not always so easy. Has it ever happened to you that you have seen a beautiful lamp in a shop window or in a store and have fallen in love with it? When this happens, sometimes when we get home we realize that it is too big for the space where we want to place it. Or very small, which makes it almost ridiculous.

That is why it is important not to rush when choosing lamps for any room in the house. Look for information, ask for advice, think that distances are important and that the lamps must be placed at a certain minimum and maximum distance from the rest of the decoration elements.


Keys to creating atmosphere

Not all spaces are governed by the same rules and all lighting tips apply to the whole house. What is a very useful general recommendation is to look for special corners in our house, and highlight them through the lights.

If you have a reading corner in your living room that you love and where you spend a lot of time, accompany it with a special lamp that helps you read better. Or if you’ve hung one of your favorite paintings on the hallway wall, in a place of honor, why not use a small wall light to give it light, as if it were an art gallery ?

The bookcase in the living room, the one that does not lack detail, surely it is much more stylish with a wall light that illuminates it, don’t you think?

How far do you have to put the lights?

When we place hanging lamps or wall lights in any space in the house, it is normal for doubts to assail us: how far apart should we put them? Well it all depends …

  • As far as kitchen lightingis concerned, and although this topic can give you to write many pages, there are some important keys to highlight. To illuminate a kitchen island with a pendant lamp, you must place it at a height of between 75 and 90 cm from the worktop.
  • And if your table or island is long and you want to put two lamps, try to put them in the center of the table and with a separation between them of at least 75 cm.
  • If you want to put sconces in the bathroom, on both sides of the mirror, the ideal is to place them at eye level to illuminate your face well. As a general rule, and bearing in mind that the mirror can be used by people of different heights, measure the distance from the ground and place them at a height between 1.55 and 1.75 m.
  • The sconces that are placed in the bedroom on both sides of the bed, should be set above eye level when you are sitting on the bed. The approximate height is between 70 and 75 cm measured from the mattress.

These lighting tips come in handy when planning the lights in every room in the house. A very relevant chapter in the field of home decoration.



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