Pool Lighting Guide- How to Light Up Your Pool Like a Pro

Do you have a pool?

In what condition are the lights?

Do you get the most out of pool lighting?

If you don’t want to have unforeseen events, start preparing the pool lighting and make sure you enjoy a luxurious summer.

Discover what types of LED spotlights you can place, how to design with lights, and what light transformer is the one you need to jump into the pool with guarantees.

We are going to explain everything to you about LED pool lights so you can decide without doubts. Stay here and keep reading!


How to prepare the pool lighting?


The reason why you should prepare the lighting of your pool is to ensure that the lights provide clarity to the water, and the guarantees of a safe electrical installation.

We will see everything you need to know when getting down to work.

Either installing a new electrical installation of pool lights, changing halogen lamps for LEDs, or replacing white light bulbs with multi-color.


1.- Pool lighting

How are lights placed in a pool?

How many bulbs do I need to illuminate my pool?

How deep to place the pool lights?

What types of spotlights are there for swimming pool lighting?

Replacement LED or halogen pool lights


2.- Electrical installation of pool lights

Transformer for swimming pool lights

Modular protection and control panel


Ok, that’s the idea, but how do you put it into practice?





How are lights placed in a pool?


They should be located in the opposite direction to the front of the house in order to avoid annoying glare.

Here are our 6 tips for lighting pools of different shapes and sizes!


1.-  Small pools  without obstacles: it will be worth a spotlight that projects longitudinal light in order to achieve homogeneous lighting.


2.-  Longer pools : place the lights on the shorter walls that will provide uniform light and prevent possible shadows produced by obstructions in the pool.


3.-  Pool length greater than the maximum distance of the light beam : place the lights separately on the wide wall of the pool, at the back of the house.

Keep in mind that at a greater distance the light loses its light intensity.

Therefore, it is recommended to separate the lights every 2.40 meters, and 1.20 m from the edges of the pool.


4.-  “L” -shaped pools : correct lighting is achieved as if it were two separate pools.


5.-  Free-form pools : the lights focus on the center, so it is recommended to separate the spotlights on these walls.


6.-  If you have a  Roman staircase , steps or bench, install the lights at a depth of 30 cm from the edge, in order to achieve uniform lighting to enter and exit the pool safely.

Another solution is to have recessed spotlights in the ground to signal that you have descended the last step.

In addition, you should plan the lighting of the environment in order to further highlight the pool.

To do this, take a look at the Definitive Guide to improve garden lighting

What colors of LED pool spotlights are available?


All those you need to illuminate the pool according to your personality and the activity to be carried out in it.


White light pool LED spotlights


LED lights are perfect for pool lighting by providing the clarity you need when swimming.

If you are more into enjoying the views from the deckchairs in the garden at night, we advise you to use the warm light tone of 3000 ° K.

On the other hand, if your thing is to swim in the dark, you need that the appearance of the water is similar to that of day.

To do this, you must install spotlights with neutral white light of 4000º K or cold of 5000º K.


LED pool spotlights with RGB multicolor light


Imagine a party with friends and create colorful scenes in the water.

These bulbs allow you to combine the colors red, green and blue in order to obtain a number of hues: white, magenta, yellow, cyan.

In addition to being able to control the intensity and color of the lamps by remote control.


How many bulbs do I need to illuminate my pool?


One spotlight for every 20 m² of pool water surface is sufficient.

For example, if your pool measures 5×4 meters, you need to install a single spotlight.

How deep to place the pool lights?


It is advisable to place them at a distance of 70 cm from the edge of the sink in order to access them without having to empty it and to facilitate maintenance tasks.

What types of spotlights are there for swimming pool lighting?


They are to be embedded in the wall or in the ground, or to be placed on the surface.

Let’s see the benefits of lights with LED technology compared to traditional halogen lamps.



Advantages of LED spotlights for swimming pool lighting


They are LED technology lights that emit whiter, brighter and more uniform light than halogen lights .


They are designed to install on any surface , and last longer to corrosion.

They are watertight and therefore have a maximum value of IP 68 to prevent the entry of water, and guarantee safety.

With the LED spotlights you can choose between white or RGB (multicolor) light in order to create unique effects in the pool.

Another advantage is the duration of up to 50,000 hours of life, and therefore require a minimum of maintenance.

You save up to 80% energy and help protect the environment.




5 types of pool lights to improve lighting


1.- The  recessed wall LED pool lights are useful if you have the pre-installation in the pool.

You have two options.

Spotlights with daylight white 5000 ° K, and 22 W.

Spotlights with RGB light , and 20 W, for which you need a controller.


Both lights have a 100º opening angle.

These bulbs are flush with the wall, only the front plate of the light is visible.

2.- While the  LED surface pool spotlights  are to be used when you do not have pre-installation  in the pool.

You can choose between two models that emit 5000º K day white light with an aperture of 120º, and has a power of 25 W

Spotlights with daylight white 5000 ° K, and 22 W.

Spotlights with RGB light  for which you need a remote control to control the spotlights.


These spotlights, unlike the recessed ones, protrude from the wall, and are mounted on a bracket to hold them.

  1. The  adjustable projectors submersible LED surface are a good choice if your pool has a shallow area, up to 1 meter.

These addressable lights are for wall or floor placement.

With the advantage of being able to rotate in the horizontal plane of ± 45º and 360º around the vertical, and thus change the direction of the lights whenever you want.

They have a 4000 ° K neutral white light that includes three 5W LED lights.

.- The  submersible LED spotlights embedded in the ground up to 1 meter deep, allow you to illuminate the water upwards.

These have a color temperature of 4000 ° K, with lamp included, available in 5 W.

5.- The halogen projectors embedded in the wall of the sinks, includes a PAR 56 300 W halogen lamp.

They are supplied with a recessed niche, with a single cable outlet on one side.


Replacement LED or halogen pool lights


If you have to change or replace , you can choose between  LED or halogen pool lamps.


PAR56 LED lamps from the Prilux and Pritec brands are available in powers of 15 W, 18 W, 20 W 12 V. You can choose between the one that emits 4500 ° K neutral white light, or 5000 ° K daylight white. .


Sylvania PAR56 halogen lamps  of 300 W and works at 12 V.



Remote control for RGB LED swimming pool lighting


The Prilux Hydra Avant RGB Controller lets you dim and color up to 20 lamps with the remote control.

This is only compatible with Prilux Avant series bulbs.

Pritec RGB Syncro remote control used to control colors and 7 automatic lamp change programs.

Its radio frequency operation allows you to control all the lamps that come within its range.





What you need to know about the electrical installation of pool lights


To have a proper electrical installation you must have a pool light transformer, and a modular pool protection and control panel



Pool light transformer


If you want to guarantee the safety of the pool against contact with electricity, you need a single-phase transformer that converts the input voltage from 230 V to 12 V output.

These transformers for 12 V pool lights protect you against the breakage of a pool light, and avoid electrocution accidents.

When should I install more than one transformer?

When the sum of the powers of the lights is greater than the power of the transformer.

Modular pool protection and control panel


It is important to install a modular panel for the protection and control of pools with 1 pool pump up to 12 A, or 1 pump, 14 A, 230VAC for a 100 W spotlight.

Modular panels independently include:

2 time programmers for filtration

1 timer for lighting


In addition, it has an integrated electronic protection with automatic motor overload adjustment, and external start / stop control of the pump.

Also, a forced start / stop of the pump in manual mode.

Ready to choose your pool lighting?



Start now with the electrical installation of the lights and leave the pool ready for the summer

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