How To Use a Light Box

Whether you set up an online store or planned for your product shoot, if you can’t afford enough finance to appoint a professional photographer, this won’t be very pleasant.

Or if you are trying to snap photos, the results may be dimming, unappealing, don’t upset, we have a solution- apply a lightbox.

B-side, light box is undoubtedly helpful for designer, artist, and professional-looking drawing to get rid of unreliable & clunky tracing methods.

Follow our article to pick up- how to use a lightbox?

Lookup: Read our write-up to know how to use a light box to tend depression, for tracing & professional photo shot.

What is a light box?

A glassy exterior brightens from behind applied for a position where a form laid upon the shell requires to be followed with high contrast.

Why is the light box essential?

Light boxes were introduced with variation forms. For light therapy light box is designed to save you from seasonal emotional disorder or depression. The soft light box option is for a photographer to make essential light in photos. And, if you love to trace pretty picture or sketching, apply an art version of light box. Let’s read on!

Method-1: Apply a light box to treat emotional disorder or depression.

Step-1-Buy a UV filter light box:

Take a UV filter light box with the intensity as you like. Lux is used to measuring power. People use 10,000 lux the most commonly; you also buy the same one to save your eyes & skin from dangerous rays.

Confirm first you’re buying a light box is a must for reducing depression as there are different boxes for skin conditions. From any online retailer or department store, you take it.

Step-2-Considerable things to buy a light box:

While selecting a light box-

  • Take a light box with upper intensity (5,000-10,000 lux) if you intend to give a short period under the lamp.
  • Don’t take blue light if you want to save your eyes choose a white one.
  • You can buy a transportable with a smaller screen light box to carry easily.

Step-3-Properly arrange the light box:

Depending on your light box brand or intensity, your box should be positioned to sit you comfortably. The sizes of most light boxes like a desktop one screen, hence arrange a table or any piece of furniture which is a little higher than your height.  You can use a counter or a bar-height table to keep your light box.

Step-4-Perfect positioning of your body:

After keeping your light box you should sit slightly away toward the light box. Balance the box to your face angle.

  • While using the box keep open your eyes to get the best effect.
  • Don’t glare straight to the light box your eyes could damage.

Step-5-Time maintaining:

To boost energy and mood & to balance in your usual circadian rhythm, sit at least 30 minutes under the light box every morning.

Use a comfortable chair for sitting in facing the box. You can multitask like writing, reading, or using a laptop.

After seven days, you may notice an upgrade in your energy & mood. Apply the box at the same time as possible. You can apply this at night before 3 hours of bed, but this may hamper your sweet sleep.

Step-6- In case of seasonal emotional disorder:

Basically, seasonal emotional disorder continues October –April. Whenever you observe the first symptoms, start applying the light box till spring after vanishing your depression.

If you are going through bipolar disorder or general depression, it will be best for you to apply a light box year-round.

Method-2:  Start perfect photo shot with a light box:

To shot adorable product photos, you only require a few things: light box and camera (pretty affordable now). You can use your phone camera with high regulation & pixel.

Step-1-Number of lights:

With your light box how many lights to use, decide this.  We suggest you use 3, on the top on the left side and the right side accordingly. This will prevent the shadow and also provide the background as white as possible.

If you use one light, you will get a shadowy vibe & applying standing lamps will be the best.

Step-2-Fix daylight bulbs:

Fix daylight bulbs to add natural light. Natural light is ideal for photographs, applying daylight bulbs around 4,500 Kelvin or higher for a soft, white glow. Don’t use fluorescent bulbs; your pictures may get an artificial, green-yellow hue. For more power, an efficient light box take LED daylight bulbs.

Step-3-Place perfectly the light box &click:

On a flat surface, place entirely the light box and connect in the light.  Use a sturdy table or keep a box on the ground to arrange all items appropriately. Use a power strip to plug the light with the outlet.

Method-3:  Drawing tracing with a light box:

It is an excellent way to apply a tracing light box to sketch or drawing pictures uniquely to create a one-of-a-kind feel. Don’t leave reading to learn how it does.

Step-1-Strip the picture:

First, to the light boxes pick point; you strip the picture you want to trace as it is the level surface with a light plastic layer. You can use strips of tape onto the sides to keep the picture in a perfect place.

  • Take a bold picture with dark lines to easily seen through your paper while tracing.
  • To create the lines stand out, go with a permanent black marker over the picture.

Step-2-Apply another piece of paper:

Up to the taped picture, you set a piece of paper to trace the design. Line it up to the underneath of the image you intend to fetch it on the blank form.

Step-3- Turn on the light switch:

Switch on the power button of the light box. Typically, you find a small switch beside the box. Click the “on” position if the light is not powered, check the batteries & replace them.

Step-4- Trace out:

After turning the switch on, applying a pencil trace the main picture, with the light, you surely can see all design, carefully mark the lines not to miss any.

  • Use a bright paper to see the main picture clearly; do smoothly while tracing to get a clear & clean picture. First, use a pencil; if any mistake occurs, you can come back and then use a final marking marker.

We tried best to give you instructions on how to use a lightbox? Your style may vary depending on what you want to do.


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