How to Properly Light the Dining Room Table?

The dining room table and the environment that surrounds it give us a feeling of tranquility, making us think that we are already home.

As it is one of the most important areas of the home, it deserves to have the best furniture, accessories and, of course, excellent lighting. Let’s focus on this last aspect and see how to properly illuminate the dining room table.

The dining room table: much more than a piece of furniture to eat

The dining room table is not only the place where we taste the delicious homestyle food, but also a small recharging station where we rest a bit before moving on to the bedroom. In addition, it is also the meeting place for friends and family or the small office that we need to finish pending work or do homework.

Actually, the dining room table is one of the main pieces of furniture in the whole home, where we spend a lot of time and do various activities. For these reasons, no effort should be spared when installing the lighting system that will give life to this space. What criteria should you take into account to properly illuminate the dining room table?

3 basic factors to properly illuminate the dining room table

To choose the appropriate lighting for the dining room table, you do not have to be an expert in decorations, but it is necessary to take into account at least 3 basic factors that we review below.

Table shape and size

The dining room table can have, basically, three basic shapes: round, square or rectangular. Round tables are ideal for couples or small families and allow better use of small spaces. In contrast, square and rectangular tables are larger and can accommodate a greater number of diners.

In this sense, remember that the lamp is nothing more than an accessory that must match the table on which it is suspended. Thus, for rectangular dining rooms, elongated lamps are recommended, while for round tables there is nothing better than a circular lamp.

Depending on the size of the table, it may be necessary to install more than one lamp to illuminate the entire surface. A good option is to fix several small lamps, perhaps at different heights, to provide the necessary light and decorate the room with style.

Natural light and available space

Whenever possible, make the most of natural light to illuminate the home. Of course, in the case of dining tables, it is necessary to complement this light with a good lamp that improves visibility and provides greater comfort. In this sense, it is important that you determine how much additional light is needed to illuminate the available space.

Types of luminaires

Finally, to correctly illuminate the dining room table, you must choose the correct type of luminaire. As you are going to find a wide variety of lamps, it is best to go to lighting experts to choose wisely. At EGLO you will find all the variety you are looking for with offers that will allow you to bring home the correct lamp.


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