How to Make Salt Lamp at Home

Do you love salt lamp? In addition to the great benefits that, supposedly, they bring to the human body, salt lamps are ideal for creating intimate environments. Its dim light and the natural shape of the rock, give an impressive touch in the place where you put them. These luminaires are normally placed in bedrooms to absorb the energy charges given off by television sets, computers, mobile phones or video consoles… among others.

The salt lamps, you can buy them made in stores and online sites. You will see them in different shades, prices and natural shapes. Also, if you love them and want to learn how to make one, today I leave a great tutorial that will help us to get our own luminaire. What do you think?

Have you set out to create one of these lamps? For this, we need some basic elements. Among the materials, we will have to buy Himalayan salt . This type of salt has different uses, including cooking. Himalayan salt is very rich in calcium , iron, magnesium and potassium. In addition, when you have it in your hands, you will see that it is a beautiful orange-pink color (this color is given by the iron itself)

The Himalayan salt, coming from the deposits at the very foot (of the Himalayas) you can buy it in rock or in crystals. You can also buy it online, in different stores and websites. To make a lamp, we will buy it in rock. On the other hand, I also remind you that it can be used to make brine, to drink, to use it in the kitchen or even for salt baths or use it as an exfoliant.



– A rock of Himalayan salt between 2 and 5 kilos

– A wooden base about two centimeters thick (depending on how big the rock is. Also, if you can do it, in such a way that there is air underneath, it will be perfect to take the cable out there)

– Cable and socket, lamp holder and a bulb

– a chisel

– a sandpaper


The first step is to make a good support on the rock. To do this, select one of the faces and smooth it . In this way we get it to be well supported, on a base that we manufacture later. Pick a rock face to smooth it out a bit. To do this, we use the chisel and sandpaper cutting stone so that it is a good support .

Then, in the face already smoothed, we make a hole large enough to fit the bulb. Dig with the help of the chisel , it does not have to be perfect. The bulb can be put in the middle of the rock or at the bottom.

Once you’ve made the hole, wash the stone thoroughly . This will make the first layer shiny, making the light from the bulb look much prettier when you turn it on. While dry stone, on the other hand,  makes a circular cut in the wooden base . It should be the size of the socket, as it should fit into the base. Once done, remove the sawdust and fix the candle holder with glue. You must take into account where the cable of the luminaire is going to exit, so that it does not disturb the base and the assembly is not very stable.

Once the base is ready, you just have to  screw the bulb into the socket with the cable and insert it into the hole you have made. Make sure that the cable does not interfere with the base, you can remove it through the same hole, especially if the base leaves some air underneath. Once the bulb is inserted and the cable removed, just fit the salt stone on the base and that’s it. Try lighting your own lamp!

Finally I leave you a tip. The salt that is left over from the hole we made in the base of the rock and the rest from having sanded the face, do not throw it away . You can use it for the things I mentioned above Good luck!


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