How to Make a Lamp Cordless?

Hey Guys! Right, this article, we are going talk about the cordless lamp-the most despised home furnishing elements of today. Many of us face a common problem with the lamp cord as it very hushes but pretends like nothing.

Let’s be honest; if you bored with this annoying mess this writes up about How to make a lamp cordless?-is perfect for you.

Slight idea:

If you are willing to make your lamp cordless, but…Don’t know what to do, read our article once, and we promise you’ll be a pundit on cordless lights. Genuinely!

What does a cordless lamp mean?

A simply cordless lamp means a lamp without a wire connection- use a rechargeable battery as an energy source. Usually, the lamp operates with direct current electricity.

Cordless lamps are highly suitable in your room & house also convenient to move.

Different ways to make lamp cordless:

People’s tests are different from each other, so various lamps they use. So here are we are showing different solutions on how to make any lamp cordless to battery-powered!

How to make any lamp cordless?

Materials you should collect.

Lamp & 8 AA batteries.

Use rechargeable batteries to save money.

Don’t take 9-volt batteries was this is too dim.

Wire strippers.

LED lights Strand.

Soldering iron and solder

Felt & Velcro to cover the under of the lamp (Optional).

Then follow steps properly-

Step-1-Unlocked the base of the lamp:

There is a piece of felt on the base of the lamp you just disclose this.

Step-2- Open top of lamp:

You just put off the nut, if any, as a different lamp made of different styles.

Step-3- Join the lights:

You can use fantastic, magical, LED reel lights whatever you want to use.

Then join the lights to the lid of the lamp. It’s flexible, cheap, uses less energy & you can crop to any length.

Look a black & a red wire; the last of the light strip also looks the light bulb screws part.

Sold both wires with different one metal piece.

Trim the light strip to the length you desire.

Keep at least two inches for safety.

Step-4- Rejoin the light’s top part:

Now you connect screw back on the lamp only stick the lights anywhere inside of the lamp. You don’t need to make it look nice as this is not too important. You are almost done!


Step-5- Connect the battery with wire:

Come back lamp’s lower part from the base keep a few inches cord then cut.

Take a wire stripper; you strip the edge of wires.

& then with a 9-volt battery clip sold the edge of these wires.

You can collect battery clip from any old 9-volt electronic (alarm clock)

After clipping the battery grip the wires through the lamp wires.

First, switch on the lamp to make the lights up; if yes, you are done!

Step-6-You have light!

Put out the battery after checking your lamp light up. Take an electrical tape to twist the wires jointly. Inside the lamp again connect the 9-volt battery. Then jointly keep the lamp. Now you can stick the piece of felt on the base of the lamp you disclose before. Here you can use some Velcro for safety.

How does this work?

It’s too good! We’ve used a light total of 8 hours and also still actively going. For a brighter lamp you suggest using 8-battery pack as this provides 12 volts of power.

How to make a shaded lamp cordless?

Materials you should collect.


Use rechargeable 8 AA batteries to save money.

Wire hanger.

8 AA battery packs.

Wire strippers.

Soldering iron

LED lights strand.

Then follow steps properly-

Step-1- Connect the lamp socket with the strip lights:

Follow instructions on what we say above in step-3 & 4.

Step-2- Around the shade’s inside, fix the strip lights:

If your shaded lamp has cage-

Now you stick the lights below the lampshade.  You may hack the lights in some lampshades to create something.

If your shade cage is in around the light bulb to the bulb socket, the light strip has to attach.

Because of this adhesive strip of lights, it will sit perfectly to offer you a wonderful glow.

If your shaded lamp has no cage-

If your shaded lamp is cageless, create your cage, take a wire hanger around the lamp wrap this- where the bulb will sit. Give a triangle shape roughly.

You can use duct tape or electrical tape to make a sturdy cage on your lamp what you have made now.

Other steps:

Properly follow our above step-5&6. All steps will remain the same.


And that’s the way about How to make a lamp cordless? Don’t quite frankly, if you get tried while doing. Just focus, believe, & follow our guide.

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