How to Make a Homemade Salt Lamp Complete Guide {Update 2022}

Himalayan salt stone lamps have a multitude of beneficial properties for our health, among which its multiple benefits for the central nervous system stand out, its ability to neutralize positive ions by emitting negative ions that has important and positive effects on Your Health.

The benefits of salt lamps do not end here, this purifying natural source cleanses the air, leaving it fresh and free of contaminants generated from electromagnetic activity attached to dust and water particles that we end up breathing and affect our lungs, in addition to worsening our quality of sleep and feeling of energy during the day.

How to make a homemade salt lamp

Have you heard about the great and beneficial properties attributed to Himalayan salt lamps and have you wanted to create your own? Are you a handyman or do you like experiments?

We bring you a tutorial so you can learn how to make a homemade salt lamp without leaving your home, quickly and in a few simple steps.

What materials do you need for your homemade salt lamp

The procedure to create your salt lamp is very simple, here is the list of materials that you will need for this experiment.

Himalayan salt (2-4 kilos).

A piece of wood (see on Amazon) (square or circular) two fingers thick, surface according to the weight of the salt purchased.

Lamp holder and cable.

Light bulb (see on Amazon) of 15-25 W (depending on the kilos of salt).

Chisel and sandpaper.

Electric saw (see on Amazon) for wood.

How To Make Homemade Himalayan Salt Lamps – Step By Step Procedure

It’s time to get down to work and create our homemade salt lamp. For this we explain how to make a salt lamp.

First of all we will take the chisel and make a hole in the block of Himalayan salt enough to put the bulb inside and not rub against the salt crystals. With the sandpaper we will smooth the entire holed area.

With the electric saw for wood we will make a circular hole in the center of the block of wood , enough for the cables to pass with ease and that the light bulb with the lamp holder can be supported without problems.


In the area of ​​the wooden block opposite to where the salt block will rest, we will put 3 silicone or plastic blocks so that the cable of the light bulb does not get pinched or make the base unstable.

Next we will pass the cables through the hole in the base and connect them to the lamp holder. We will attach the base of the lamp holder to the piece of wood with glue, or if possible, better with screws. Then we will screw the bulb into the lamp holder.

Finally we will put the block of salt fitted to the bulb.

That’s it, you can now enjoy your homemade salt stone lamp!

In the following video, we illustrate the entire process of how to make a homemade salt lamp in case you have missed any of the steps.


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