How to Light up a Basketball Court at Night?

Jam-packed math and concept walk with best practices afterward light up a basketball court at night. Whatever it is your first shoot with b-ball or rear minutes of the game, gaining perfect light up is crucial.

Light fixtures or lights can make blaze blind your performance occasionally, especially at night.

If you love basketball, let’s have a look at the exact way how to light up a basketball court at night.

Little word:

Suppose you are concerned to remodel the lighting outline of your b-ball court. Our article provides you a closer look to decide How to light up a basketball court at night?

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How does proper lighting impact gameplay?

Proper lighting is crucial for every player’s performance may ruin in lack of lighting.

Proper lighting ensures accuracy:

Precise color rendering and proper visibility are essential while playing. Cool undertones lighting gives realistic colors and greater visibility to ensure accuracy.

Prevent Players from being blind:

In a fast-paced game where is the ball, players should know. Diffusing technology and fixture can make difficulty while playing. So proper lighting hindered producing too much glare.

How to Light up a Basketball Court at Night


Basketball courts follow different stander of sizes. For National Basketball Association’s stander dimension is (94*50) feet; hence (28*15) meters are the stander dimension, according to the International Basketball Federation.

(84 feet in length *50 feet in width) is considered almost all high school court dimensions. The minimum height of the ceiling is at least 16 feet as we know a more upper limit has less possibility to hit. Hence we suggest t least a 24-foot mounting height. Different Basketball courts follow their dimensions depending on the competition.

Lighting design:

B-ball is played both indoors and outdoors court. As this game is mainly played indoors hence lighting plays a vital role while playing a match.
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Due to lack of sufficient light, this may be exigent both for the players to play while the audience won’t observe what is happening. So we advised managing pure light up the court.

For an extended period, metal halide lamps and halogen were used for lighting solutions, which is too dear in terms of energy, money, and maintenance also doesn’t last long.

Why choose LED?

You have an excellent option for moving to LED lights. LED lights offer you high wattage with high brightness up the court, even to all the corners. It will make basketball fun, easy, and convenient for both players and audiences outdoors and indoors.

Long-lasting feature:

As the LED lights don’t need so frequent replacement your maintenance cost and running cost will be low. If you install a metal halide, you might get a short life span also constant brightness diminishing after a few months’ use.

Whereas, 80,000 hours is LED life span period, or 30 years counting  6 to 7 hours utilizing per day. So, the installation of LED saves your money on maintenance and time also.

Proper heat sink system:

Every sport light produces heat inside the light that can damage the light. But LED lights include a trapping heat sink system to control heat accumulation. This excellent system helps LED to last long.

If you are looking for an excellent heat sink system, LEDLUCKY offers an array of heat sink systems for enhancing the lifespan and brightness of LED sports lights.

Energy Saver:

LED lights to adjust bright chips to grip less and saves energy efficiently. LED lights efficiency is (140 lm/W), which is two times more in comparison with metal halide lamps.

Wattage Range:

Another reason for replacing LED sports lighting is the broad limit of wattage. LAMPPOINT offers you LED lights with a variety of watts; you can pick out the perfect LED light, which suits you best.


You can easily replace LED lights without any pain getting better illumination and brightness.

Here we have made a command for appropriate lighting design.

Before buying luminaries for your basketball court, follow two steps- First, classify your project, whether it is an indoor or outdoor court. Secondly, measure your court.
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In this step, measure how much light you require. Foot candles are a parameter to measure Official sports lighting standards to detect how much lighting you need per square foot.

Below we are offering a standard chart for minimum lighting level

Minimum lighting level. Consistency


Horizontal light


Class of light
FIBA international competition(playing area half-above150m ) 0,7 1500 Class1
National and international competition 0,7 750 Class1
Upper level training & regional competition 0,7 500 Class2
Local training, competition and school use. 0,5 200 Class3


Light-up design for an outdoor basketball court


Commercial B-ball Court design:

Different type of court has different requirements for lighting design. You must follow the standard. Look below what we highlight here!

Surge defense:

A sudden rise in electricity may hamper the LED light or cut down because of a surge. This will affect the ongoing match also your reputation. So set a surge protective LED light.

IP rating:

The IP rating is a must for a b-ball LED lighting court. If lights are installed outside for long-lasting duration, the IP rating must be 65.

Lux Level:

Keep your focus on LED lighting lux level. Under basketball standard lighting, 200 lux is essential for non-televised events for 4700 square feet b-ball court on average.

You need 200 x 437 = 87,400 lumens to light up the outdoor b-ball court for backyard or recreational events.


Another considerable factor is the anti-glare feature as an intense glare irritates both spectators & the players. This severely affects the vision of the players, which results in a bad presentation.

Lighting Standard:

For televised events, 2000 lux brightness is a must for maintaining professionalism or broadcasting matches. Also, consider the maximum and minimum lux ratio, which must be less than 0.5.

You should focus on CRI (90) of the lighting and color temperature (5500 to 6000K).


You steep upper-quality lighting for broadcasting. Should be less than 0.3% is the flicker rate.

Solar-powered floodlights for outdoor b-ball Court:

You can choose a Solar panel for outdoor b-ball court lighting. To drive energy, LED consumes less using sunlight.

We designed a high energy solar panel, especially for outdoor court, with high water-proof ability even after adjusting to the lighting fixtures. Relying on flood lamp’s power, the battery runs for 3 to 5 hours.

Light-up design for the indoor basketball court


Here lighting design slightly varies from an outdoor b-ball court that needs a blaze-free feature.  We recommend you to use light indirectly like as ceiling lights for controlling reflective light.

Hence, you confirm the extra power installing LED lights, CRI, lux level, color temperature, and other lighting standards.

How much your b-ball court light will be?

If you are concerned about court lighting costs, here we are giving you a simple example. For a high-class televised event, 2000 lux is a must which needs almost 7000 watt LED lights.

Here electricity cost will be 7000W x $0.12/1000 = $0.84 per hour, $6.72(for 8hour per day) and monthly $200.

LED light’s electricity cost will be ten times more than halogen light.

Therefore, to light up your b-ball playing area, investing in LED lights is an excellent way. This way will easily fit your pocket, also a safe environment. To get bright light and uniform at night, install LED lights following the lighting design standard of the b-ball court. If you are looking for more information, LAMPPOINT is beside you.

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