How to Light a Room Without a ceiling light

You don’t have electric wires on the ceiling? Do not panic. There are many solutions to successfully illuminate a room without a ceiling light and get around the problem in an efficient and pleasant way, while playing with light tips that will bring a nice decorative touch to your interior.

Light a room without a ceiling light

First step : find replacement lighting, to plug into the sockets on the ground, which are generally dedicated to a part of the room for auxiliary lighting. Portable lamp, floor lamp , wall lamp , desk lamp , light … There are a thousand and one ideas for lighting without ceiling garland, which is more attractively. Second step : multiply the light sources to obtain the same light intensity as a ceiling light. In addition to decorating, this alternative will allow the diffusion of indirect lighting, less aggressive than a luminaire fixed to the ceiling. Discover our ingenious lighting solutions to successfully illuminate a room without a ceiling light.


We don’t necessarily think about it, but reproducing the overhead light of direct lighting is the key first step in replacing the diffusion of light emitted by a ceiling light. For the practical side but also for the decorative side of overhead lighting. This is especially true for the dining area. To simulate direct lighting – usually the role of ceiling lighting – it is necessary to choose luminaires with a nice span, to illuminate in height and at a distance from the walls.


You can opt for luminaires with arms or with an arch, such as arc-type floor lamps , which are often height-adjustable , and whose deported foot allows them to be placed at a good distance from the light diffuser.

For example, choose a very large floor lamp with an offset lampshade. With a good height, this type of floor lamp allows direct height lighting to be diffused, similar to that of a pendant lamp, thanks to a diffuser offset from the base. Unlike halogen floor lamps , they do not illuminate the ceiling, consume much less electricity and illuminate the center of the room (if it is small) thanks to their large arch while leaving the passage free.

Another option, wall lights, which are also capable of this performance. We now find models with a very design look, with or without visible wire, equipped with very long arms, either unfolding or telescopic which can go up to more than two meters. Ultra trendy, with an often retro allure, this type of luminaire easily replaces a suspension by delivering the same type of lighting. They are positioned on the wall so that the diffuser is centered or just above the targeted element and it will have the same effect as that of a ceiling light.



You don’t want to do without a beautiful modern chandelier or a superb pendant light? Rest assured, it is still possible to install ceiling lighting, even without a wire outlet. The only constraint: the power cable. You have two options:
– choose to camouflage the cable inside rods to paint in the same color as the ceiling,
– or assume and leave it visible until the power supply (generally a plug or the exit of wires from the existing wall light). In this case, it is imperative to treat it as a decorative element in its own right. And that’s good ! Top trend in decoration, especially in Haussmannian apartments, this technique with visible grain does not damage the moldings with ugly trenches. Colored, linen or even patterned threads, there are now a multitude of decorative electric wires to create an aesthetic look. Add a few legs to guide the wire along the wall for a more chic effect.

Suspensions with visible cable have the particularity of being able to be arranged exactly where you want, with an aerial or theatrical effect coupled with overhead lighting. To carry out this manipulation, all you have to do is create a light or modify a suspension in order to fix it to the ceiling by connecting it to an electricity supply as we said above: a socket or an outlet for wires. existing wall light. Once your choice of luminaire has been established, you will only have to modify it by adding a sufficiently long electric wire, a switch and a plug to be able to simply plug it into a conventional outlet. Simple suspension , bar suspension or suspension deco , classic chandelier orchandelier with tassels , set of designer bulbs: anything is possible and permitted. One can imagine many variations: bouquet of lampshades suspended from the ceiling by a transparent cable, movements of one or more cables…


To obtain secondary lighting , we can use the same principle and create a wall light . If your style of decoration lends itself to it, you can thus play the card of the portable lamp with an apparent thread. Today, it is very easy to make your wall lamp by choosing a square, a colored cable and a lampshade. For the effect to be successful, the cable must be very smooth. You can easily hang these lamps in the middle of a wall decoration to make a set of portable lamps. It plugs into a regular electrical outlet and you can then attach it to the ceiling with a simple hook, leaving the wire visible. So that it does not bother you, you can absolutely fix it to the wall with wire ties.


In a living room, a bedroom or an office, it is perfectly possible to do without a ceiling light. Lamps, floor lamps, wall lights are enough to illuminate these living rooms. For a cozy effect, good light distribution and top lighting, the secret is to multiply the light points . Always choose floor lamps , table lampson the ground, on a shelf, a fireplace or a console, or play with the shapes of floor lamps that provide good light distribution. Luminaires with cylindrical shades and covered with light fabrics are ideal because they provide mixed lighting on the interior space. Place these lights judiciously in the corners of the room but also on the furniture to ensure uniform and diffused lighting , identical to that of a ceiling light.


The best lighting is that which comes from several lamps at the same time. One or two “projector” type floor lamps will generate a beautiful light in the room in addition to being centerpieces in your interior decoration. They look like photographers’ lamps and can point in any direction you want. They are generally oriented upwards for effective indirect lighting . Several lamps placed on a piece of furniture will contribute to the lighting of the room. If you play the card of the originality of colors and materials, they will give the space a cozy and warm side. A XXL lampplaced on the ground will be the most beautiful effect: discreet, placed for example in the corner of a piece of furniture, it will give your room an elegant and chic design touch.
Completely decorative tours, electric garlands, in kit or to personalize, are perfect for beautiful mood lighting. There are a multitude of them, both in a refined and fancy version. The role of the garland is to illuminate a dark area, to highlight a staging of trinkets. It must therefore be associated either with other garlands to occupy the volume, or with objects that it will highlight. So do not hesitate to install it asymmetrically. The Christmas lightsare the most beautiful effect hung on the wall, placed on the ground or wrapped around a ladder. You can also choose to customize a pretty vase and slip them inside.
Do not forget the desk lamps , which today invite themselves in all the rooms of the house. Often equipped with an articulated arm, they make it possible to illuminate a part of the room according to our needs.

Choose your lights carefully according to your lighting needs in order to modulate the light intensity according to the times of the day and the activities. Locate the essential areas for comfort lighting : near the sofa, a work or reading area, etc. Ideally, consider equipping some of your luminaires with dimmers and temperature colors, which will bring a real “plus” in terms of visual comfort and sensitivity.
Play with direct and indirect lighting but also decorative. Do not forget the style function of the luminaire, a real essential accessory of a decoration. There is no doubt that successful lighting is the perfect combination of a decorative luminaire and a luminous rendering compatible with the necessary lighting.

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