How to know if a Salt Lamp is Fake or Real {update 2022}

Do you have any suspicion that your Himalayan salt lamp may be fake?

Do you want to avoid the awkward situation of buying one without knowing for sure if it is real or fake? At we try to help you to make your buying easy.

How to know a salt lamp is fake or real

You must be aware that it is especially easy to deceive us with these lamps because if you are not studying it is normal to think… Hey, a stone is a stone! Well no. Learn what it takes so you don’t get ripped off to be an expert in identifying the real Himalayan salt stone from the fake.

But despite the fact that at first glance if we do not have knowledge it may not be easy to distinguish a fake salt lamp from an original one, there are characteristics that clearly indicate if what you have in front of you is an authentic product or a fake.

Reviewing this article you will become an expert examiner of salt lamps, know the unequivocal characteristics that will make it possible to distinguish them!

The color and brilliance of the salt, the first thing to look at when trying to identify if a Himalayan salt lamp is real or fake

The typical colors in authentic Himalayan salt crystals range from dark orange to light pink.  If, on the contrary, the lamp we are analyzing has white colors mixed with orange and pink or does not have either of these two colors evenly distributed over the surface, we must suspect that it is built with fake Himalayan salt.

Himalayan salt lamps when they are authentic emit a light that is not uniform. A block of Himalayan salt has different densities and concentrations of minerals  . These concentrations are randomly distributed. If a lamp is made of fake pink salt, you will notice that it emits light with the same intensity along the entire surface of the lamp.


The Himalayan stone used in fake salt lamps emits a different light

If the stone lamp that you are analyzing to see if it is authentic or false emits a lot of light despite the fact that the size is not very large or if the light is distributed in a very homogeneous way, almost in all probability you have a scam in front of you.

The glass with which the salt lamp is built is white but the price is NOT expensive.

As we have seen, the typical colors of Himalayan salt lamps are pale pink or orange.

There is also another variety of Himalayan salt crystals that is white in color but this variety is very scarce and highly demanded because there is much less quantity in the salt pans originating in Pakistan from where it is collected.

The prices of   white salt lamps from  the Himalayas are usually  higher , if by some chance you have the opportunity to buy a white salt lamp from the Himalayas at a price that is not much more expensive than what it would cost to buy a normal one, you should also be wary Well, they are giving you a cat for a hare.

The salt stone lamp you have bought never releases water or melts

Yes,  salt lamps melt and this is due to their hygroscopic  qualities   , to absorb the water that is in the environment and with it the contaminating particles and other allergens.

This characteristic has its negative counterpart because as it  attracts humidity when the lamp is off, this humidity accumulates and slides along its surface, depositing itself on the base of the lamp and creating puddles, this is a typical quality of authentic salt lamps.

If this has never happened to your Himalayan salt lamp, you may have bought a fake.

Your salt lamp is older than the Bible and still perfectly

Another characteristic that is typical of authentic salt lamps is that they are very fragile.

It is very common to see broken salt lamps in moving or changes of distribution in the decoration of a house or simply with the passage of time.

If your Himalayan pink salt lamps are as old as The Big Bang and look the same as when you bought them the first day, that’s another clear sign that you have anything but a Himalayan salt lamp.

Be careful if the manufacturer’s return policy is restrictive or inflexible

A seller of salt lamps knows perfectly their qualities and problems and is very aware that in the transfer of the shipment of a salt lamp it may be the case that it is damaged,  if the return guarantee of the salt lamp is poor. we should be suspicious.

A seller of fake salt lamps probably knows that they will eventually be found out and by the time this happens they would want to be shielded from a legal standpoint.

Be very careful, even if we pay a little more when buying a salt lamp, a seller that has a flexible return policy should give us confidence.

Your salt lamp does not seem to have any properties or benefits

Salt lamps have numerous properties, they purify the air and are directly related to the improvement of many health and well-being parameters.

If your salt lamp does not seem to provide any of the benefits that are related to them, such as improving asthma, improving sleep disorders or a clearer environment in places where there are a large number of appliances, it may also be a sign that you do not have an authentic product.

Where to buy genuine salt lamps

You already know how to distinguish a real salt lamp from a scam, as you can see it is not that complicated, you just have to know what to look for and keep your eyes open.

Now that you have learned how to know if Himalayan salt is authentic, all you have to do is choose the model that best fits the place you plan to put it and make the purchase.

On our website, you can find numerous models and carry out the purchase process in a simple, very comfortable, and cheap way from a wide range.

Of course, you will always have the possibility of acquiring one in a physical store. The more guarantees the store offers, the better. The best place to buy original salt lamps.

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