How to Fix a Touch Lamp?

As a stylish Lamps lover, you may make your room soft light with a touch lamp. But it’s frustrating if your lamp’s appliance stops working.

If this is your favorite one, you can fix it instead of throw out or without going a specialist to repair it. How to fix your touch lamp? – If you are a beginner, read on our write up to learn how easy to fix a touch lamp.

Short look:

How to repair a cracked or chipped glass on a touch lamp and install a new lamp switch yourself! & more.

The practical way of touch lamps:

The human body can work as a connector in the circuit; that’s why the touch lamps work. Our body has radio reception, resistance & more comfy than the air for this; we can command the brightness of a lamp by making a touch.

Moreover, a touch-sensitive lamp depends on capacitance-form size and composition control levels of capacitance. The human body has a capacitance that means the capability to touch electrons- it offers the circuit more electrons while you reach the lamp.

The circuits connected with touch lamps can detect the changes in capacitance. The circuits turn on the electrical switch with your one touch. The light goes to primary capacitance when you remove your hand then it will be ready to confirm the following change in capacitance to start the electrical switch once more.

How touch lamps regulate brightness?

In means of several brightness settings, touch lamps can produce light without the help of three-way light bulbs. With your touch, it cycles off and on instantly in a second the touch sensors go brightest to dimmest & dark to most vivid.

Actually, in rapid succession, the source of power turning itself off and on when these dimmed settings are on the lamp as the light bulb is not consuming all of the power so it can’t shine so brightly only dimmed light.

Fixing the lamp:

First, you find out what’s a problem going on with your lamp. The problem may be with the switch, bulb, and glasses & with the wires. Read continue our articles to get the way of fixing.

Things you’ll need:

Arrange the following tools:

  • Screwdriver
  • New socket, cord, plugs.
  • Wire stripper.
  • Cutting blade.
  • Diagonal cutters.
  • Electrical tape.


Method 1-Change the lamp switch:

Firstly buy a new switch from your nearer hardware store. If your lamp is connected with a pull chain, you can also set a 3-way turn switch with it for this buy a light bulb & a 3-way turn switch. You also can change a cord switch in place of a socket switch.

Follow our steps-

Step.1. Isolate the power:

You must isolate the power before start repairs. Don’t try to work with the electricity connection. To be sure, Double-check the lamp & unplug this.

Step.2. Take out the bulb:

Use a screwdriver to take out the bulb & the wire, which is connected with the bulb.

Step.3. Expose the socket:

At this point, expose the socket at the peak of the lamp. Pull & squeeze the socket shell to reveal the socket shell is in where the light bulb screws & the switch are situated.

You can use a screwdriver to lose the socket shell if you find it hard to remove.

Step.4. Place the wires:

Attaché with the socket shell, there is 2 – 1 is neutral, and the other is hot. Usually, the hot one is connected with a brass screw and the neutral to a silver screw.

The neutral wire is usually marked in some way. It may be a different color, or the insulation may be printed, stamped, or have indentations. Make sure to note this now, since you’ll need to know which wire is neutral when you hook up your new switch.

If you are not getting the neutral wire, look on the polarized plug the neutral wire is joined there. You should change the plugin time of changing the socket if plug blades size is the same.

Step.5. Crop the wires:

Crop the wires applying a cutter possibly close to the switch keeping enough wire to work with.

Step.6. Detach the insulation:

After cropping, the wires take away 1⁄2 inch (1.3 cm) of insulation. You can apply wire cutters to take away insulation & to create a notch around the wires in the insulation. Use strippers to stamp out the insulation and keep the insulation away.


Step.7. String the wires:

Now, you strew two wires within the socket & join with the screws. Wrap the wire around the screw tightly, applying your fingers. Confirm first to joint hot wire to the brass one & the neutral wire to the silver one.

Although you may find sockets different depending on the producer, apply your intelligence to find the way.

Step.8. Fit the new switch socket:

Fit the new switch socket into the lamp & click below. Tight the screw perfectly if there is any.

Step.9. Make the plug-in:

Finally, put back the light bulb and also the lampshade, and then plug in the lamp. If everything is perfect, apply your new switch to make your lamp on.

If not, recheck the link in your switch; replace the plug if needed.

Method 2- Restores the cord switch:


First, detect the cord switch size also the broadness’ of the lamp cord.


Explore your new switch to cut out which wires as some case only hot wire to connect.


Take out the connected cord switch for doing this if need to cut the wire follow our instruction-

  • Try not to cut the neutral wire. If needed, detach the insulation and joint the side of the end of the neutral wire at once. You can use a plastic connector to save the wire.


Follow step-6 what we have enlisted there.


Joint the neutral & hot wires to the proper screws. If there is one screw, connect it to the hot wire. Follow step-7 what we have enlisted there.


Cover the switch and screw. Securely close the cover; there should be no seeable wires around the switch.

If you’re confident that everything you connected securely, let’s test out your lamp! Your lamp will turn on if everything hooks up. If not, double-check your doing & instruction.

How to repair a cracked or chipped, glass on a touch lamp:

Step 1 –take out the cracked glass:

With a small hammer (if needed), take out the broken glass.

Step 2 – adjust the paper piece:

Simply use a paper piece to save your lamp from abuse.

Step 3 –collect glass cut:

From specialists or shop collect a specific piece of glass in perfect color & size.

Step 4 –set the glass:

You can use liquid glue to seal the glass in place tightly.

Step 5 –aired the lamp:

Dry the glue using a fan’s fresh air over the lamp. Leave it for two hours. Then you are done!!

Hence, this was our guide to fix your touch lamp. This isn’t a very tough task. Try to do yourself to save your money also be an experienced one.


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