How to choose the right bedside lamp

An essential element of the bedroom, the bedside lamp can cover a purely decorative but also functional function. Identifying the use that you are going to make of it is an essential element in choosing your bedside lamp. Explanations in 3 steps.

But by the way, what is a bedside lamp?

The bedside lamp belongs to the large family of table lamps, just like desk lamps or living room lamps. It is used in the bedroom , and is generally smaller than the living room lamp, although the latter can in some cases be used as a bedside lamp.

It is the decorative lighting par excellence because the choice is vast. Depending on its use – general lighting, reading lighting or decorative lighting – the constraints are not the same. Also, two elements prevail in the choice of a bedside lamp: its base and its shade.

A bedside lamp for general lighting

If you are looking for a bedside lamp that can provide good general lighting, choose a shade of good size because it will allow a good diffusion of light, with a clear and transparent fabric for example. The shape of the lampshade is also important: lampshades with flared and wide shapes, drum shapes for example, are preferable for mixed lighting, up and down. Opt for a fairly high foot, again to distribute the light well in the space. Finally, choose models equipped with a dimmer to modulate the lighting according to your needs and the times of the day, to obtain a subdued atmosphere or more powerful lighting.

A bedside lamp for additional or decorative lighting

In the case of complementary or decorative lighting, you can give free rein to your desires in terms of shape, color or material of the bedside lamp, since what matters here is the decorative aspect more than the functional. Play the decoration card and match the lamp to the style of your room. The bedside lamp as an accent light is a decorative element in its own right. Opt for a modular bedside lamp model allowing you to associate a lamp base with a lampshade freely.
But in this case, do not forget to follow the rule of proportions for a harmonious result: the lamp base must be visible over its entire height, the lampshade must hide the socket without however going too low on the base and the width of the lampshade should be between 1.5 to 2 times the width of the lamp base. Finally, the height of the lampshade should not exceed the height of the lamp base by more than 5 cm.

A bedside lamp as a reading light for functional lighting

If you use your bedside lamp as a reading lamp , know that it is the height of the foot that will be decisive. Choose a bedside lamp high enough to illuminate your book, also depending on the height of your bedside tables and your bed !. Avoid giblets that are too dark and too small. The base of the lampshade should be at your eye level – between 95 and 105 cm from the floor depending on the height of your bed. When you are sitting or lying down, you should not see the bulb. Ideally, opt for a model with an adjustable or swivel foot fitted with a dimmer for maximum comfort.
Lamppoint’s advice: Keep a minimum distance of 30 cm from a compact fluorescent lamp in case of prolonged exposure, for example when reading in the light of an e-reader, according to the recommendations of CSC.


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