How to Choose a Floor Lamp {Update 2021}

How to choose a floor lamp: To choose the right floor lamp, it is not enough to look at the design. The place where you place it and its function are decisive. We help you find the lamp you have always looked for.

These decorative elements are often used to create enveloping atmospheres, but combined with other points of light they will make your home a more interesting space.

Choosing the most beautiful design when buying a lamp is not synonymous with making a good purchase. Precisely the light emitted by the lamp can become another element of decoration, especially in interiors and for this reason, it is essential to think in advance about aspects such as where in the house it is going to be located, what light power you are looking for or what shape it has. to have, among other aspects.

Specifically, the floor lamps add a lot of personality to the room as a whole, creating unique atmospheres by occupying their own space.

But if what you are looking for is to get good lighting. In this article, we give you some tips to keep in mind to also combine your future floor lamp with the rest of the room.

How to choose a floor lamp

Choose the type of lighting you need

If you are looking for a lot of light, floor lamps are great allies. Their height makes them illuminate more than other types to cover a greater space, although currently they are sold with dimmers that increase or decrease the intensity of the light at your convenience.

It is essential to be clear about what use it is going to have: if you are looking for a spotlight for very specific activities or if otherwise it is needed to illuminate the whole of the room in a more general way. Here the material with which the lamp is made comes into play because if the light passes through the fabric, it will be a good choice if you are looking for more opacity. In the event that the idea of ​​putting a hard bulb has been considered, it will be better if the light comes directly from the lamp without penetrating any material.

t may also be the case that you need a lamp that fulfills both functions, both very direct and diffused light. Well, a very decisive option is the maxi lamps , floor lamps that really look like a study table lamp but on a large scale.

Their advantage is that they can be oriented as you prefer , depending on the need of each moment. Similar to these maxi flexos are the adjustable arm floor lamps .

These are even more flexible as the lamp can be moved more easily both in height and space and as a peculiarity that characterizes them, they are less rigid and provide more fluidity to the room.

Advantages of the floor lamp according to its location in the home

If you want to achieve good lighting, sometimes the choice of a lamp is not so important but the ideal place to make the most of it. As can be guessed, it is not the same to place a spotlight in the living room as in the bedroom, so we are going to review the advantages of this type of decorative element depending on the place where they are to be placed:

In the living room: as already explained, these lamps create a whole atmosphere with their enveloping light. The way to achieve this is with open floor lamps at the top of the shade, made of translucent material.

living room

This will achieve a soft light, perfect for the place in the house where tranquility is usually sought. However, lights can make this room one of the most changeable in the home.

Get it by combining the floor lamp with more specific light sources that highlight other points in the room, such as hanging, wall or table lamps.

In the bedroom: they can be a great success if the room is not very spacious and the bedside tables are small. You can place it next to the table so that it is free, right in the corner of the room so that it elegantly illuminates the entire space.

bed room

In this type of case, it is advisable to choose a diffuse light, whose intensity is not very powerful since it is not advisable for sight at night. If you like to practice reading in bed before going to sleep, then you can opt for a maxi flexo or adjustable arm lamp to direct the light, as we have explained previously.

In the office: a floor lamp is a real advantage to free up space on the work table. Ideally, it should be open at the bottom of the screen so that the light goes more direct and allows you to work without problems.

In the corridors: if there is something that characterizes floor lamps, it is their personality and for this reason, they are a great option to decorate corridors or passageways.

With them it is not necessary to recharge the scene with paintings or excessive decorative elements , because with a simple floor lamp you can achieve your goal at the same time that you illuminate the area .

In general, corridors are rooms in which the use of general light, not focal , is convenient, so think about including it in fabric or more opaque materials that also allow to show off designs.

How to combine a floor lamp with the rest of the room

When selecting a floor lamp it is necessary to think about how it will blend in with the rest of the decorative elements in the room.

Therefore, you have to take a good look at the design. On the one hand there is the lampshade, which can be simple or with original patterns , and on the other there is the material with which the base of the lamp has been made: the metal is fine and stylish, while the wood combines with rustic environments, old or classic.

If they are made of plastic , the color will also be important, the white being very elegant and the raw and daring black .

How to combine a floor lamp with the rest of the room

However, it is not always necessary to combine the floor lamp with the rest of the lamps in the room. Sometimes buying lamps of the same design can be a solution, but it is somewhat boring.

That is why we propose the Mix and Match technique, that is, using different types of spotlights and different designs to give a more original touch to the decoration. In addition, although a floor lamp is intended to create a unique environment, within that environment you can highlight other corners with stronger points of light.

Now you know how to choose a floor lamp for your beautiful home,here re some little tips below :

15 pro tips to choose the best floor lamp


Due to their height, they are the best option to create atmosphere. In the living room you will achieve a warm climate with a fabric lampshade floor lamp. Its light is important, but so is its design. Pick one that fits the prevailing décor.



It is the perfect companion next to an armchair in the reading corner. It is necessary that the light be punctual. How about a spotlight design? There are models that incorporate a small adjustable wall lamp in addition to the general light.


“A floor lamp can be used in a dining room, bedroom, office and even in the kitchen. We do not believe that floor lamps should be ‘enclosed’ in the living room”, advise the lighting experts at . In the living room, next to the sofa, it provides general light and decorates.


Because they are a solution to illuminate the dining table in a very aesthetic way. Instead of a hanging ceiling lamp, a floor lamp whose lampshade leans over the table. They are usually models with a long and articulated arm or pergola type. The screen must be at least 80 cm from the tabletop.


They replace the table lamp or apply when the bedside table is small. You will have the light you need next to the bed without losing space on the table. And there is no space for the bedside table in the bedroom, it will solve you!


It is the first thing you have to think about when choosing a model. Where are you going to put it? Is it just for general lighting? Do I need spot light to read or sew?


What does it mean? Although you will be right if you are looking for a floor lamp of the style that best suits the room, you can mix. Not all lamps have to have the same design.


They are a different option as a floor lamp that combines aesthetics and the possibility of directing the beam of light.


They are the best for a reading or work area. You can direct the beam of light with the extendable arm where you need it. It is important here to take into account the bulb and the intensity so that it is sufficient and not strain your eyes.


Because with a floor lamp the surface of the table or desk is completely free to put the computer, books, pencils.


Only with a floor lamp you will have a decorated passage area. Goodbye – finally – to distributors, corridors and “sosooos” corners!


The choice of the material of the foot responds to aesthetics, no I embarlo, that of the screen also has effect on light. Keep in mind that the color of the screen can darken the room if it is strong.


They are usually slim foot designs, visually very light, that illuminate without attracting attention. Whether its color is one or the other depends on the style. White always goes more inverted while Black is contemporary.


There are floor lamps that have such a beautiful and slender shape that they become almost sculptural pieces that deserve to be given a preferential place so that all eyes are on them.


Some models incorporate dimmers (they can also be added later to the mechanism of a lamp), which help to achieve different levels of light depending on the activity carried out in the room or the time of day.

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