Five Takeaways from Washington’s Preseason Win over the Ravens 2023

The preseason clash between Washington and the Ravens left fans with plenty to discuss. Both teams exhibited glimpses of their potential, offering valuable insights into the upcoming season. Let’s dive into five key takeaways from Washington’s exhilarating preseason victory over the Ravens.

1. Stellar Quarterback Performance

In the game against the Ravens, Washington’s quarterbacks truly shone. Taylor Heinicke and Ryan Fitzpatrick showcased their experience and skill, delivering precise passes and making smart decisions. Fitzpatrick’s veteran presence and Heinicke’s agility provided a solid quarterback foundation, boding well for Washington’s offensive strategies this season.

2. Emerging Defensive Dominance

Washington’s defense made a statement against the Ravens’ offense. The defensive line exhibited remarkable cohesion, putting relentless pressure on the Ravens’ quarterbacks and forcing turnovers. The depth and talent of Washington’s defensive roster seem poised to make them a force to be reckoned with, keeping opposing offenses on their toes.

3. Promising Rookie Standouts

The preseason match highlighted the potential of Washington’s rookies. Players like Jamin Davis and Dyami Brown displayed their capabilities, seamlessly integrating into the team’s dynamic. Davis’s speed and football IQ, coupled with Brown’s explosive plays, hinted at a bright future for these young talents within the Washington roster.

4. Offensive Versatility on Display

Washington’s offensive strategy revealed its versatility and creativity. The team seamlessly transitioned between passing and rushing plays, keeping the Ravens’ defense off-balance. With a mix of veteran leadership and emerging talent, Washington’s offense demonstrated the ability to adapt and keep opponents guessing.

5. Depth and Competition in Special Teams

The preseason victory showcased the depth and competition within Washington’s special teams. The battles for the kicking and return positions were evident, as players vied for their spot on the roster. This fierce competition promises to elevate the overall performance of Washington’s special teams units throughout the season.

As the preseason victory against the Ravens demonstrated, Washington is primed for an exciting and competitive season ahead. With a blend of seasoned players, promising rookies, and strategic adaptability, the team is well-equipped to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.


In conclusion, Washington’s preseason win over the Ravens provided a glimpse into the team’s potential for the upcoming season. From stellar quarterback performances to emerging defensive stars, the game highlighted Washington’s strengths and depth across various facets of the game. As fans eagerly await the start of the regular season, the preseason victory stands as a testament to the hard work and determination of the Washington football team.

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