Best Rechargeable Desk Lamp Update 2021

Best rechargeable desk lamp 2021

LED Rechargeable desk lamps are developed with a warm, soft glow to light a particular area or surface, also diversely fashioned to sit on a desk. Make you free from worry to read-write, relax, or any activity regarding the socket once you pick a Rechargeable Desk Lamp.

Besides, the best rechargeable desk lamp gives you the best brightness for any outdoor task. Along with that, you can illuminate anywhere with a crystal & focused view if you require lighting; special thanks go to the lamp with either rechargeable batteries or battery-operated design.

In this context, we review several best rechargeable desk lamps that might attract you.

Let’s dive into the 13 best rechargeable desk lamps!

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Best rechargeable desk lamps 2021

LED rechargeable or battery operated desk lamp gives more customization & control as their figures are naturally flexible & thin with a little a base needs very little space to keep. An LED rechargeable or battery operated desk lamp offers more great matching colors to treat your eyes well.

Being waxy, these lamps focus strong illume where required; fantastically useful & overall aesthetics lighting system. This sort of desk lamp is a little bulky with suitable sizes to stand on various kinds of desks and tables.​


14 LEDs- high quality:

The new version of GLORIOUS-LITE comes with14 LEDs tab the button on the head back to adjust 2 different brightness levels.

Eyes caring:

GLORIOUS-LITE extensively design concerning with eyes caring issue; offers soft, bright, and no glare while your reading.

Battery-powered & USB:

Use a USB cord or 3 AA batteries, which are provided to power your music stand light.

Freestanding & clip-on mode:

The clamping width of this lamp is 1.97 inches (maximum). Easily you can clip it on books, bed, e-reader, computer, and desk or keep standby on the piano table or anywhere you want.


You can set the GLORIOUS-LITE properly to give lighting direct and offers to view with its flexible gooseneck also easily twist it.

Lightweight & potable:

Being lightweight, this light is so convenient to keep it when you are traveling.


GLORIOUS-LITE manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty for quality problems. So please buy free!

Outstanding feature:

  • Free adjustable angle.
  • Multiple usages.
  • Push-button switch.
  • Brightness level (25%-100%).


Pros. Cons.
Convenient. May run short life.
Adjustable Gooseneck.
Battery operated.


2. Light Accents Battery Powered Desk Lamp:

Light Accents Battery Powered Desk Lamp comes with super bright power-saving LED’s never requires replacing. Light Accents is the best lamp in the category of battery powered desk lamps.

Cordless adjustable LED’S:

This light’s neck & head are adjustable; you can direct light where you want. This desk lamp will be an excellent choice for reading pages song over a piano, as it is battery operated, so an AC outlet isn’t needed.

Wide use:

You can use Light Accents Battery Powered Desk Lamp anywhere without power.

Apply desktop stand for hands-off light positioning; you can light up your display in flea markets, areas in boats & campers. This lamp also considers the latest day bankers lamp.

A/C adopter or battery powered:

You can use Light Accents with A/C adopter or by using 3 x AA batteries; you can replace periodically or when needed. This is an extremely useful & an artist desk lamp unplugs it to take it anywhere you want it.


This desk lamp is energy efficient but can brighten up your space; you also can use a very long time.

20 LED’S:

Light Accents has 20 small LED bulbs in its rectangular head to give you a magnificent amount of light to illuminate the right quantity of space. Also, focus on the objects properly to make visible enough.

Outstanding feature:

  • Recent day banker lamp.
  • A/C adapter.
  • Corded electric power source.
  • Contemporary style.
Pros. Cons.
Super bright LED’s. Poor control quality.
Sheet music.
Battery operated.


3. LUSTRAT Portable LED Desk Lamp:

Create an impressive light up with LUSTRAT Portable LED Desk Lamp, Silver-colored & a sleek lamp with a moderate design that will influence your visual eyes.

Remove eyes stairs:

This impressive desk lamp comes in three colors Silver, Grey, and Rose & tree modes, all easy on the eyes. Relying on your purpose & mode, you can take from cold, warm, or natural light.


LUSTER LED lamp consumes minimal but maximum lighting and doesn’t turn too hot. With a single light touch, turn it on; plug into an electrical outlet to charge, USB port or power supply.

Portable light:

You can use it in your travel time as this light is portable with only 1.05 lbs (or 0.48 kg) weights, easily fixable in your backpack, bag, or suitcase. If you need additional illumination, take it to the camping, library, or anywhere.

Rechargeable light:

With its 1200mAh battery (rechargeable), you can run your light with one charging cycle up to 1.5 hours in natural light, 2.5 hours in cold light, and 3 hours in warm light.


This stylish light adds extra beauty to your home or your office décor.


LUSTRAT LED is a work of art with a space-saving base & smooth surface.


Outstanding feature:

  • Portable light.
  • Long life span.
  • Eye care.
  • Push button.


Pros. Cons.
Compact. Length of time is poor.
Very modern look.
Battery operated.


4. MoKo LED Desk Lamp:

Everyone definitely like touch sensor lamp to adjust light’s brightness with touch. Hence bring this touch sensor MoKo LED Desk Lamp; tap it with your finger & seat the lighting as you wish.

Brightness level:

MoKo LED Desk Lamp is great for lighting you need with 5 levels of brightness; also has 4 sorts of lighting modes, & dimmable with touch sensor.

No replacement:

You don’t need to worry regarding replacing A Bulb. If you use normally our bulb will last 50,000 Hours (up to).


The bulb is reliable, economical & energy efficient; consumes only 14W power.

Eye relief brightness:

MoKo LED Desk Lamp offers simulated & enhanced natural light. For longer use you can use this lamp for flickering free light. Allow you to use a long periods to study, read, and work with least eye fatigue; use for bedroom, office, dorm.

Universal USB:

You can charge your smartphone at the same time; keep it close & charging. MoKo LED Desk Lamp has a Universal USB charging port. Also, design with the ability to put the light off automatically using an auto-off timer.

Size & design:

Beautiful Looking MoKo LED Desk Lamp designed with modern & straightforward touch; 12.5″ Length &16.5″ Height.

Folding system:

The folding system makes the lamp so easy to put & storage; you can save your space by having quality light if needed.

Plus, always friendly customer service also one year hassle-free warranty.


MoKo LED Desk Lamps arm is movable up to 90 degrees & the head 180 degrees, which means you can quickly move the light’s focus.

Life span:

As this lamp is an in-built lithium battery, you can run the light up to 6 hours with a single charge; about 50,000 hours.

Outstanding feature:

  • 5500-kelvin color temperature.
  • Touch control
  • Portable light.
  • Long life span.
  • Continuously dimmable.
  • Fully adjustable.


Pros. Cons.
Sleek, flexible. No LAS recommend.
Very practical.
Battery operated.


5. Tilyo Battery Operated LED lamps:

Eye protection:

With the flicker-free feature, Tilyo Battery Operated LED lamps offer anti-flare light for your reading, relieves & working times.

Adjustable color & brightness:

With dimmable touch control mode, this desk lamp can be adjusted with 3-level brightness (brightest, dim, and medium) and 2 levels of color temperature (cool white & warm light), which is great for working, reading, camping, or emergency use, etc.


Tilyo Battery Operated LED lamps are an eco-friendly lamp; it saves more than 80% power than any kinds of traditional incandescent lights. You can also remove the carbon footprint & electricity bill.

Durability & Flexibility:

With 360° flexible gooseneck, you can easily adjust the beam angle and be folded into a little space.

USB port:

This battery Operated reading light with a rechargeable with 1200mAh lithium battery. You can easily plug the USB cable into any universal charging port. This light can run 4-12 hours with one chance.

Outstanding feature:

  • Battery-powered.
  • Touch Control.
  • LED type bulb.
  • 3 Brightness Levels.


Pros. Cons.
Great sophisticated lamp. Not so bright.
USB port.
Energy saving.
Eye protection.


6. Sakruda LED Desk Lamp:

Rechargeable battery:

Sakruda LED Desk Lamp battery operated touch desk lamp built-in 1200mAh, with DC5V/0.5A input. As wireless LED lamp, Sakruda can run about can charge the lamp by connecting the power bank, the socket, or computer with a USB port.


Sakruda LED Desk Lamp is convenient for moving and carrying for your working reading, studying, or camping.


The lamp is foldable with Angle 180 degrees adjustable features.

Elegant appearance:

With a sleek and modern design, the lamp fits your space like a living room, bedroom, studying, or college dorm.


The touch-sensitive Sakruda LED lamp offers you 3-levels of dimmable illumination.

Colorful base option:

The table lamp’s base has 7 colorful lighting mood options with a touch switch. Circularly 7 colors changed individually, so it is easy to find the light in the dark.

Eye caring:

With natural like lights, Sakruda LED Desk Lamp offers lights UV-Free, no-glare, no-flicker, and warm light also; avoid eye fatigue.


This lamp saves energy up to 70%. Also, provide 12 months warranty period:

Outstanding feature:

  • Battery-powered.
  • Touch control.
  • Lifespan:20000 hrs.
  • Eye caring.
  • Colorful base option.
  • 3 Brightness levels.
  • Adjustable light angle.


Pros. Cons.
Sturdy. Don’t run long with one charge.
USB port.
Modern design.


7. Shuncanda Magnetic Machine Light:

This Shuncanda lamp has a magnetic prop that gives you fix it to metal outside to adjust. It is probably a better converting for the machine and auto parts workshops in contrast to a clip lamp.

Flexible Gooseneck:

The plastic tube+ flexible metal hose is almost about 20 inches long; you can adjust the direction with its flexible gooseneck almost 360 degrees.

Voltage & Power: 110 to 240V is the input voltage range of this light, with three LEDs,9W luminous flux equivalent to 900 lumens, last longer than halogen lamps also saves more energy.


A noteworthy feature of this Shuncanda Magnetic Machine Light is waterproof. As high-quality aluminum alloy is used to make this lamp head also adjust with a water-resistant rubber ring. Hence this light can save from the water spray originated by the machine.

Magnetic base:

You can install this adjustable heavy-duty magnetic base lamp wherever you need it. The metal is so thick & the magnet is so strong.

Wide application:

Shuncanda Magnetic Machine Light is fit for machine tools, like Punching, CNC, Drilling machine, Lathe, Car repair shop, Woodworking workbench, Equipment, Machinery workshop, Sewing machine.

Outstanding feature:

  • Battery-powered.
  • Corded-electric power source.
  • 900 Lumens.
  • Bulb shape.


Pros. Cons.
Modern style. Weak magnet.
Magnetic base.
Thick the metal.
Power line switch.



 8. SLYPNOS Foldable LED Desk Lamp:

Probably, you have to think about the slypnos foldable desk lamp, the unique design from all of our lights.

Compact design:

From the top of the head to the lamp’s full-body has aluminum alloy construction, lightweight, portable but sturdy structure. You can quickly fold down the lamp to a figure of the iPhone 6 plus suitably fits even your pocket or backpack. Pick the lamp for travel or camping or storage.

Eye caring:

SLYPNOS Foldable LED Desk Lamp highlights LED beads producing flicker-free bright cool white light; also prevent radiation or harsh glare, successfully reduce eye fatigue


The bulb includes only one push button to turn the lamp power on/off and offers 3 levels of brightness.

USB charging port:

SLYPNOS Foldable LED Desk Lamp is equipped with1000 mAh lithium battery. You can use any laptop, computer, or power bank to quickly charge the lamp using a micro USB cable (which is included at purchase time). With one full charge, you may enjoy this lamp for up to 4 hours.

Power saving:

This desk lamp produces 105 lumens by taking only 3 watts. You can save your electricity cost but getting enough brightness for all your individual needs like – studying, reading, typing, or working.

Multiplex configuration:

SLYPNOS Foldable LED Desk Lamps arms and the head are swivels and rotate 360° to set the lamp in any mode you need.

You can pick a wall-mounted lamp (a self-adhesive hook is attached) or a desk lamp, or a phone holder whatever you love.

Outstanding feature:

  • 3 watts power only.
  • Excellent brightness with 100 lumens.
  • Excellent power conservation.
  • Eye-caring.
  • 3-way switching.


Pros. Cons.
Aesthetics design. Limited function.
Elegantly foldable.
Push button.


9. TOMOL COB LED Portable Desk Lamp:

New version:

The new version of TOMOL Portable Desk Lamp built-in new COB LED technology; an offer you super bright light- almost 220 lumens output of intense light.

Super bright light:

This New version  of  COB Desk Lamp offers almost 3 times brighter than any sorts of traditional & the old 24 LED Desk Lamp

Touch control:

TOMOL COB LED Portable Desk Lamp comes with a touch a control feature, easy adjusting lamp brightness. The lamp has 3 levels of brightness

Lightweight & foldable:

You can fold the lamp at any angle, also space-saving. You can easily use and carry the light and fold to a compact size to fit into a purse or a pocket.

5″ x 3″ x 1.75″ Folds flat can be enlarged to 13″ high also can be set with any adjustable positions you need.

USB & battery power:

TOMOL COB LED Portable Desk Lamp is powered by 4xAA Batteries (you may have to buy) or a USB cord (adjusted). The lamp is eco-friendly & energy-saving.

Manufacturer warranty:

TOMOL COB LED manufacturer gives a 12-month warranty and a 100% consumer satisfaction guarantee. They also refund your purchase or replace a faulty product. Just contact if you get any problems.

Outstanding feature:

  • Battery-powered.
  • USB cord.
  • Battery type aa.
  • Eye-caring.
  • Super bright light.
  • COB LED technology.


Touch control.


10. Ambertronix LED Table Desk Lamp:

Surprisingly you will get four lighting modes five levels of brightness with the Ambertronix table lamp. So pick your one from this enough option.

Brightness level:

Ambertronix LED Table Desk Lamp comes with a great variety of lighting, whatever you need, And a multiplex mode of lighting.


This desk table lamp built-in touch-sensitive system; also have a dimmable option.

Replacement hassle-free:

You don’t worry about this bulb replacing; our bulb will last longer-up to 50,000 hours. The best feature of this light is-economical, energy-efficient, reliable, consumes low energy around 14W.

Eye relief:

Ambertronix LED Table Desk Lamp gives simulated & enhanced natural light. For a long time, use no flickering grants.

Continue your study, read or work without eye fatigue; can use it for your home, bedroom, dorm & office.

Charging port:

Charge your smartphone close by the lamp at the same time your desk lamp, too, using a USB charging port.

Auto-Off timer:

The auto-off timer also sits with this lam to turn off the light automatically with a 1-hour auto-off timer, suitable for while dozing off.

Size & design details:

Ambertronix LED Table Desk Lamps Height is 16.5″ & Length is 12.5″; beautiful modern appearance with a simple space-saving design. You can use our light anywhere to get quality brightness if needed.


A simple folding system makes it easy to keep it anywhere you want; just fold & keep.

Manufacturer warranty:

Ambertronix LED Table Desk Lamps manufacturer are always friendly to their customer servicing; also give 1-year hassle-free warranty.

Outstanding feature:

  • Four lighting modes.
  • Five levels of brightness.
  • No need for bulb replacement.
  • Auto-Off Timer.
  • Battery-powered.
  • USB cord.
  • Eye-caring.


Pros. Cons.
Recessed LEDs. After a few uses may dead.
Push button.


11. ETEKCITY Wireless Rechargeable Color LED Desk Lamp:


ETEKCITY Wireless Rechargeable desk lamp is energy-efficient with 16 LED bulbs. The lamp gives you flicker-free lighting without any eyestrain caring your eyes totally.

Colorful base:

ETEKCITY Wireless Rechargeable Color LED Desk Lamp comes with 256 base color options. For using night, you can pick your liked one to join a different ambiance to your reading environment or studying, sewing, sleeping. The lamp can be an ideal gift for families & kids.

Portable & wireless:

1000mAh Li-Po battery is included with this lamp use anywhere applying wireless use time up to 2. 5-6 hours with one full charge. Also, it is easy to carry the light.

Flexible arm & goose-neck:

This option allows you to keep the light in your needed direction, which you like with good illumination.

Ideal gift:

This lamp can be an ideal birthday or holiday presents for kids and families.

Outstanding feature:


  • Wireless rechargeable.
  • Touch control.
  • 256 colors are changing base.
  • 3 brightness levels.
  • 1000mAh Li-on battery
  • USB charge cable.


Pros. Cons.
Eye-caring Lamp. Hard to use the buttons.
Adjustable angle.


12. Wall Mounted Gooseneck Reading Light Lamp:

If moving your reading lamp all the time here & it isn’t convenient for you, then pick a Wall Mounted Gooseneck Reading Light Lamp.  Your room space or furniture arrangement may create difficulty for you to move the light around, or you love the permanent presence of lighting while you are working; Wall Mounted Gooseneck Reading Light Lamp will be the best suit for you.

Sturdy gooseneck & extra long:

This lamp is extra-long (380mm/15″x Φ10mm) with a sturdy gooseneck, round lamp headset with 5 LED to give comprehensive angle brace lighting.

Wide lighting space:

This lamp’s diffusion film enhances the angle of visibility to light up a vast lighting space by effectual channeling the light.


The lamp gives soft, non-flickering, comfortable, and eye-caring warm white brightness. The lighting is so friendly to the eyes also removes eye fatigue to provide you the BEST pleasant reading or work area.

Easy installation:

On the Lamp Base, there is 71″ Plug Power Cord with On/Off Switch Button. Just arrange a drill machine to drill 2 Holes on the headboard or mounting wall or attach the bracket on the headboard or mounting wall, & with the mounting screws, install the lamp on the bracket.


The lamp is so versatile for working, reading, studying, or art; ideal use for Dorm Room, Bedroom, Kids Room, RV or Living Room, Garage, and any place you want lighting.

Outstanding feature:

  • Wall mount lamp.
  • Corded-electric power.
  • Not dimmable, but adjustable.
  • US-style plug format.
  • 5 watts.
  • Aluminum material.


Pros. Cons.
Eye-caring Lamp. Fussy install.
Nice addition to headboard.
Suitable  for murphy bed




MIGHTY BRIGHT 40511 XTRAFLEX2 BOOK LIGHT, BLUE is an excellent lamp for battery powered lamp with durable & efficient LEDs; 3 AAA batteries are used.

Adjustable neck:

The lamp’s make you enable to holds the lamp safely where you need it. The life span of this multi-tasker LED lamp is almost 100,000 hours with full brightness.

Mighty bright book light has an optical grade lens that spreads light equally in all directions.

Outstanding feature:

  • Have an optical lens.
  • Adjustable neck.
  • The light produces bright white light.
  • 3 AAA batteries.
  • Two LEDs energy-efficient.
  • Life span 100,000 hours.
Pros. Cons.
Super bright light for reading. Sometimes flicker.
Flexible neck.
2 brightness level.


Buying Considerations:

Now-as you have an exhaustive list to pick your perfect light, we give you different product features while picking from the list. So before you decide to buy, consider the following g matter that we have presented for your advantage.


As you may not need the same degrees of light every time for any kind of work; first, you consider the light area you need to whole rooms, halls, only your desk, or bedside. Then choose which one will go best from our list & pick that.


If you want to get full control over lamp directions, it will be wise to take flexible lamps for you. Pick the Goosenecks one to seat the light correctly at any angle.

Energy savings:

Choose LED lights to get more bright light but consuming less power, saving energy efficiently & cost of electricity bill. For extra thrifty, you can compare different types of LED products to select the best one that saves the most energy. Check the product description page for each lamp to find all the information.

Style and design:

You don’t think style and design as a peripheral matter. If your home is designed with interior or colorful home décor, choose the lamp adjusting your room décor or furniture furnish.

On the contrary, you will pick for your office, think about your space’s general design, color-combinations, and luminosity for your office room, then pick the lamp.

Intended use:

Different people need light for different purposes; first, you consider your intension to use the lamp.

In this article, we have reviewed some of our products directly, which suited best for specific purposes compared to others.

Excellent lighting is crucial to increase your quality of output, also your productivity. If you are taking a battery-powered lamp, this will affect work purposes; be confirming that you know the advantage; choose from our available options. Also, consider the right sorts of functionalities, power savings modes, and levels of cost-effectiveness.