Best Reading Lamps for Eyes {Update 2021}

Best reading lamp for eyes, LAMPPOINT experts have set out a highly recommended list of the best quality reading lamps for 2021 presently within easy reach.

Not only you demand books, but also you demand the best reading lamp for your eyes if you’re an unquenchable reader.

Following the steps of the modern evolution of this information age, people are inconceivably getting addicted to using phones and computers. Hence the eye protection matters come into notice.

Picking the Best reading lamps for eyes is a significant affair than you think; using the right light for your eyes can matter much more, exceptionally if you are consistently flaming the midnight oil. Give rest to your eyes using a suitable, close, personal & softer light reading lamp.

What kinds of reading lamps do you demand your eye strain protection? What types of lamps should keep within thought? Check details regarding the top eye-care reading lamps with turnkey solutions.

Top 13 best reading lamps for eyes 2021:

Protect your sight using the best reading lamps for eyes to controlling great vision. Admittedly, it is quite tough to choose the best reading lamp. So, to give convenience, we have made a handpicked exploring thousand of products & reviews and picked top 13 best reading lamps for your eye strain reduction. And now, let’s dig in details.

  1. Fancii Daylight Magnifying Lamp – Best Clip-on Lamp for Senior Sight:

Fancii Daylight Magnifying Lamp is now crowd favorite among countless unquenchable readers as this fit a metal clamp. It is a rechargeable lamp, confirming you will get enough light to read.


This light comes with energy-saving mode because of its daylight LEDs with up to battery life 6 hours with the rechargeable ability.

USB cable:

Rechargeable lights with micro USB charging cable.

Adjustable brightness:

Fancii Daylight Magnifying Clip-on Lamp has 3 levels of adjustable brightness. This lamp is suitable for summing-up work, crafting & hobbies.

Magnifying lamp:

The greatest thing about this reading lamp is its magnifying lens. The light offers a distortion-free vision with an 8-diopter powerful optical glass lens escorted by 3x magnification. If you face a problem with the smaller text, you can pick this Fancii Daylight Magnifying Lamp.


You don’t need to worry regarding the fall down of the lamp on your desk. It has a strong metal clamp to grip on your desk; also, a detachable handle is adjusted to hold it easily with your hand-the most attractive twists on the magnifier lamp.

Adjustable gooseneck:

Fancii Daylight Magnifying Lamp comes with a 15-inch tall & versatile metal clip & gooseneck. You can adjust quickly to any position as you desire. You can also apply it as a conventional magnifying glass.Pick it now!

Outstanding feature:

8-diopter optical glass lens.

3x magnification.

Distortion-free sight.

With scale models works excellently.

Pros. Cons.
Useful magnifier! No dimmer option.
Adjustable Gooseneck.
Suitable for detailed work.


  1. Brightech Litespan LED Reading Lamp – Best reading floor lamp:

If you search for the best reading floor lamp, Brightech Litespan LED Reading Floor Lamp is an innovative solution for you. This lamp is stylish and affordable.

Mostly if you prefer reading by lounging on the couch, this lamp is sure to make you love in your living room.

High brightness:

If you demand a high-intensity lamp with a great color contrast for your work for past your favorite time like knitting, sewing, or reading a fine print, pick this light without a further look.

Brightech Litespan bright with 850-950 lumens – yet just consumes 12W of electricity.

Natural daylights light:

If you’re working with makeup, salon, beauty spa, or eyelash extension, pick this lamp to clearly look your client; s eyelash with the high precision/ contrast Brightech Litespan standing natural daylight lamps. Its color temperature is 6000K.

Make your next clients’ delay shorter finding the lash extensions fast on just right.

Adjustable gooseneck:

You don’t need to install any high priced overhead lights to continue your work. Brightech Litespan modern floor lamp is a perfect suit for your desk with adjustable gooseneck set the light where you need it.

Your eye can perceive this amplifies light instead of using a bright ceiling-mounted light that dispersed your whole room & disturbs others.

Stable & safe:

Especially for the kid’s rooms, this lamp is safe with its weighted features & high-stability stand ensures that kids or pets can’t knock it very quickly. Stay safe from overheating your space or any accidental brush-burns as these LEDs stay cool to hold even running few hours continuously.

Set soft night light mode to get an orange glow with your way in the dark gently to ensure your safety at night.

Manufacturer warranty:

Brightech manufacturer lordly stands beyond 100% for all of our products with a full 3-year warranty.

Dimming feature:

With its innovative dimming feature, Brightech is a great reading lamp offering softens the brightness step by step; you just simply grip down the amber switch button.

Outstanding feature:

12-watt LED light.


C.T.6, 000 Kelvin.

Built in LED bulb.

Easy operation.

Pros. Cons.
Save energy. Not so durable.
Full-spectrum lighting. Requires assembly.
Dimming feature.
Full adjustable neck.


  1. Lumiy Lightblade 1500S Reading Lamp – Ultra Bright Reading Lamp:

For ultra-bright lighting, pick Lumiy Lightblade 1500S Reading Lamp. Though it is a too expensive choice, available in the market offers a super bright glow to lights up your space; pick if you are looking for a bright one.

Super bright:

Lumiy Lightblade 1500S light is a very stylish lamp that generates a phenomenal 1500 lumens of brightness. It is the first rated light for brightness.


Lumiy Lightblade 1500S light has a 93 CRI index, which is appropriately near natural light (sunlight CRI is 100).

Crisp lighting:

This light’s feature-packed with dual-color crisp lighting & cool white LED, which offers sharp & crisp lighting all the time.


Pick this lamp to experience ultra-bright LEDs with colossal power, high efficiency, and cost savings light.

Improved command:

Lumiy Lightblade 1500S comes with an Omni-directional pivoting head to adjust improved command of lighting.

Outstanding feature:

First rated brightness.

Intelligent lighting.

1500 lumens of brightness.

Very responsive touch sensors.

Huge power.

Pros. Cons.
Energy-saving. Expensive.
Highly efficient.


  1. TaoTronics Desk Reading Lamp- with USB Charging Port:

You can consider TaoTronics Desk Reading Lamp as the best lamp for reading also for eyes-the best study lamp.

4 type of lighting mode:

For your purpose, you can choose among 4 unique lights having 5 mode levels of brightness for reading, work, and study or relaxing.


For optimized lighting you can rotate TaoTronics Desk Reading Lamp in multi-angle adjustments mode up to 140° (the arm) or swivel the prop by 180° for a more direct brightness.

Auto-off timer:

The light turns off automatically after 1 hour to save your electricity cost or in case if you fall asleep toward the lamp while reading.

Touch controls:

TaoTronics responds & operates with a straight-forward touch control sensor.


Memory function:

You don’t need to set brightness and mode level when you make the lights on as this lamp built-in with a memory function to always remember the last brightness and mode level for added convenience.

USB charging:

Recharge your devices conveniently using the built-in 5V/1A USB output also can put your tablet or smartphone within your reach while charging.


Having 4 outstanding lights & 5 convent levels of brightness, it is easy to customize lighting to study, read, work, and even relax.

Affordable price.

The best part of this lamp is the price tag, around $30, most affordable also the best modern reading desk lamps you can pick.

Outstanding feature:

4 type of lighting mode.

USB cable.

CRI 85.

Plastic material.

50000 Hours life span.

Memory function.

Five levels of brightness.

Pros. Cons.
Energy-saving. Too big for little desktops.
Ergonomic design. Buttons may not too responsive.
Affordable price.
  1. Ecologic Mart Eye Care Warm Reading Lamp – Best Hook-On Lamp for Travel:

If you love reading in bed or even while traveling, we suggest you not take modern LED floor lamps; you require a lightweight, compact & portable reading lamp such as Ecologic Mart Eye Care Warm Reading Lamp.

More lighting hour:

With a 1200mAh rechargeable lithium battery (20% more than others) up to 130 hours, you can read per one charge with 2 of the 10 LEDs on.

More flexible:

Ecologic Mart Eye Care Warm Reading Lamp is so flexible to effortlessly grip the book, hanging or standing on the wall, the end side of the desk, or the music stand you are entirely independent to choose. Two arms enhance the brighten area enormously, removing the dark places.

Lighting option:

You can choose the color of light while reading your favorite books; enjoy a more personal sense of sight; also, your eyes relaxed more. Pick your suitable color- Cool, Warm, Natural in Low, Medium, and High Brightness; whatever you like the most.

UL Listed:

This complete pack of light will give you an extra-long USB port, UL listed charger & a beautiful carryback, so pick it fast from Amazon.

Manufacturer warranty:

Without a battery, you can use the lamp freely. The manufacturer offers LIFETIME WARRANTY in case of factory defects, more than 3 years warranty on cables & batteries also 5 years on LEDs; also provides customer services quickly.

Outstanding feature:

Flexible shape.

3 levels push button.

Traditional style.

Lithium ion batteries are used.

Multi Light- double arm.


Pros. Cons.
Rechargeable battery. Not enough warm.
Lightweight. Small illumination area.
Fast charging time. Short neck.



  1. LE Dimmable LED Reading Desk Lamp-Best Dimmable Lamp Ever:

LE Dimmable LED Reading Desk Lamp is perfect for reading, or your office work picks this one if you’re in search of the best desk lamps.

Touch control:

LE LED Reading Desk Lamp is built-in touch control motion, with a comfortable touch adjust brightness level or color mode.


LE Dimmable LED Reading Desk Lamp is set with 7 dimming modes and can be controlled by only one in the touch-sensitive panel. With this feature, you can quickly get perfect brightness level as your need while reading, studying, sleeping & relaxing.

Memory function:

The lamp also has a memory function; automatically, the lamp will remind the previous brightness setting of use when restarted.


LE Dimmable LED Reading Desk Lamp is fully adjustable with 150 adjustable arms, 270 rotatable lamp head & 340 revolvable bases; you can seat the lamp almost every position you can imagine.


Mostly thanks to the built-in prop stabilizer, even when you adjusting its angle, the lamp base will remain sturdy.


The lamp flickers free brightness powered by direct current. The also covered by opacified PC scattering covers why it generates non-glare & flicker-free, soft light suitable for your eyes, preventing eye fatigue effectively.

Well- designed:

With high-quality aluminum, the lamp arm & head are made of, which effectively saves the LED chip from enhancing the LED lifespan and controlling heat dissipation.


Outstanding feature:

Offers more affordable options.

8W Dimmable LED Lamp.

12 V DC.

Adjustable lamp arm, head, and base.


Pros. Cons.
Dimmable. Not the best quality.
7 levels of brightness. Gets hot fast.
Convenient memory function.


  1. Raniaco Led Clip Reading Lamp – Best Portable Lamp.

If you need bulky and oversized desk lamps for working or reading, you can pick the Raniaco Led Clip Reading Lamp; this clip lamp matches you ideally.

Adjustable brightness:

With 3 stages of adjustable brightness & touch switch, you can make light low for night time using without disturbing your partner. Also, you can set a high setting while reading or studying.

Rechargeable battery:

1000mAh Rechargeable battery is used to build the light with USB interface design. By USB charger raniaco book lamp can be powered, push and play.

Easy use:

With a clamp holder, you can open the lamp at 2.36inch to fix easily any position in your desk. It protects your eyes, saves space, and makes you feel the trendiness.

Flexible design:

With an adaptable twisted tube, the lamp can rotate with its flexible design.

Eye protective:

With 12 LED Bulbs, this frosted lampshade comes with a unique design also 24 hours long battery life. The light offers useful soft light for your eyes without flicker or any damaging radiation.

Outstanding feature:


Battery Powered


Plastic shade materials.

Pros. Cons.
Super handy to use. Not very durable.
3 levels of brightness. Bulky base.
With 12 LED bulbs.



  1. Mighty Bright 40511 XtraFlex2 Book Light – User-Friendly Lamp:

Few desk lamps which use incandescent bulbs will need to replace the bulb at some point. But if you pick this Mighty Bright 40511 XtraFlex2 Book Light, you don’t need to ever think regarding any replacement at all.


This lamp concludes two energy-efficient LEDs to cast out bright white light.

Life span:

Mighty Bright 40511 XtraFlex2 Book Light is built with durable LEDs that last 100,000 hours – so no replacement is needed.


Almost everything grips this sturdy clip & the adjustable neck clog the light in place safely.

Tap button:

You can turn on one or two LEDs, just tapping the button. The lamp is specially engineered with an optical grade lens to spread light evenly.


AAA batteries are used in this lamp, or you can use an optional AC adapter; the base may apply as free-standing.

Outstanding feature:

Optional cradle base.

Bright light spread evenly.

AC & battery- power source.

2 watts.

Versatile system.

To set the perfect angle clip and twist.

Pros. Cons.
Energy-efficient. May flicker over time.
Last longer. Flimsy clip mechanism.
Adjustable neck.
Mighty bright.



  1. LIGHT IT By Fulcrum 20010-302 LED Wireless Lamp – Ultra Affordable Reading Lamp:

In our picklist, you can pick LIGHT IT by Fulcrum 20010-302 LED Wireless Reading Lamp, the best reading lamp with an ultra-affordable price.


LIGHT IT Floodlight technology gives ultra-bright, wide beam, glare-free lighting & you don’t need to replace ever.

Light for all-purpose:

You can use this light more than a book light like reading, crafting, typing, travel, and more as its multi-flex clip makes the light excellent.

Strong clamp light:

It offers direct bright lighting to your tasks, like working in a tight space or by car.  With a hands-free lighting system, you can focus light where you need it. Like different sorts of clip-on style lamps, LIGHT IT Floodlight designed to clip on a tabletop easily, a book, or at the border of your laptop also safely stand on a desktop if required.

Flexible neck:

Flexible & durable gooseneck allows light anywhere you want directly.

Outstanding feature:

Requires 3 AAA Batteries.

Includes2 LED lights.

Energy-efficient LED bulbs

Perfect for reading both outdoors & indoors.

Pros. Cons.
Easy on/off switch. Light gets dim overuse.
Ultra-bright lighting.
Adjustable neck.
Very affordable.


Hence make a better choice for your reading lamps with more affordable ones online.

  1. Tomons Swing Arm LED Desk:

Nature wood form:

Fashionable and exceptionally well-looking, this Tomons Swing Arm LED Desk is made of a solid wooden body, firm and chemical-free, also very well furnished.


The cable is enfolded with nylon, which creates the light more durable, more robust, and more flexible than others.

You can balance the height & angle and apply the lamp effectively with height comfort. The lamp is very easy to position, store, and use.


Tomons Swing Arm LED Desk comes in 6 contrasting colors to suit your space. Pick your favorite color as they all seem great.

Modern style:

Iron & solid wood gives a classic & straightforward style; ideal for college dorm, office, living room, reading room, study, and bedroom bedside.

Outstanding feature:

110-220V rated power.

E26 Screw socket

Includes an E26 LED light bulb.

High functionality.

Corded electric power cord.

Pros. Cons.
Comfortable light. Required constant tightening.
More eye-care.
User manual.
 Elegant Lamp.
Very affordable.


  1. KEDSUM Dimmable Desk Lamp– Best Multi-Functional Clamp Light:


This 7 Watt KEDSUM Dimmable clip-on Desk lamp is a multi-functional & versatile light!


KEDSUM lamp offers you 3-Level of dimmer option with touch sensor control.

Great application:

KEDSUM lamp is an excellent application for Music Stands, Orchestra Pits, Pianos, reading, mixing tables, work tables, Craft tables, DJ’s, and much more. Its extra sturdy clip grips almost everything, or you can apply it free-standing.

Outstanding feature:


No ghosting.


No dark area.

No harsh to Eyes.


Pros. Cons.
Very wide clips. Need frequent tightening.
No glaring.


  1. Rosslyn Swing Arm Reading Lamps – Best Wall Mounted Light:

Nothing can offer you more coziness & style to your bedroom than a classic wall mounted reading light. This also gives you warm shade.

One thing to note you that Rosslyn Swing Arm is very suiting with ordinary bedroom lamps is; however, you can make is dim in the case for a read.

Warm, pleasant light:

Rosslyn Swing Arm lamps offer its warm, pleasant light. Enjoy your time with your favorite romance fiction book, a mini chess game with your parents’ or with a child’s comic adventure.


Rosslyn Swing Arm lamps come with a metal body covered with natural patterns, nicely engraved in a bronze finish. Its adjustable graceful arm can be seat wherever you want to ensure enough space and focus brightness for your bedtime activities.

Luxurious look:

Rosslyn Swing Arm lamps give a traditional French country look by joining the lamp with faux leather shade-slightly brownish in color. Deliver you a warm & pleasant light. Rosslyn Swing Arm lamps give you the shade pairs correctly with the metal parts to create an intimate but classic and luxurious feeling in the room.

Brightness & CR.

Rosslyn Swing Arm lamps require a 43-watt halogen bulb to generate proper efficient to read your papers & novels.  Pick the bulbs between 2700 to 3500K CR to confirm the warm and pleasant light to your eyes.

Dimmable mode:

When you need a gentler & softer, glow turn on the lamp to a dimmer mode as the light’s intensity is totally adjustable.

Simply plugin system:

To get a neat & perfect look, wired the lamp hardly inside the wall. But you also have a more accessible option close to your bed, plug it into a socket.

Outstanding feature:

Functional and stylish design.

Beautiful classic French look.

Shade warm-colored

Can be hardwired/ plugged.


Pros. Cons.
Eye-friendly warm light. Needs to take separate bulbs.
Adjustable arm.


  1. Water Drake Headboard Light:

Gentle white light:

As everyone expected for a bed light; Water Drake Headboard Light offers gentle white light warm with its folded ivory shade. This lamp also prevents glare wherever you place it. The color & material come in a fashionable, simple design, which the lamp matches easily with any interior decors & most bedroom styles.

Easy intact on bed headboard:

With its one flat surface & half-moon shape, the lamp remains intact on your bed headboard. Over your shoulders, the light shines evenly, with no chance of unintended swinging.


We really admire the movability of this lamp as a side sleeper. While you will change the side of the bed, you will find a balance of lighting now and then, and you only slide the lamp along.

Hassles free:

Pick this lamp as it doesn’t need drilling new holes or plugging/unplugging or worse hassles; you also don’t need to pick 2 lamps for each side.

No chance of scratch:

There is no chance of any scratch or peeling mark on the headboard as smooth material is used as the hook cover.

Pull chain:

Water Drake Headboard Light is especially originated for the bed readers who are so lazy. Just pull the chain to switch the lamp.

Outstanding feature:

Definitely good for the lazy reader.

Pulling chain.


Hassles free use.


Pros. Cons.
Handy pull chain. Can’t make it fit with all headboards.
Match retro design.
Warm & soft white light.
Easy to move without any tools.


Factors to think over while buying the best reading lamps for eyes:

  1. Adjustable brightness: Consider the stability & adjustable brightness level while buying the best reading lamps for the eyes. The adjustable brightness level should be at least 400 lumens for confirming your eye protection. 400 lumens offer enough brightness to read & write.

A note for you- remind that wattage is not an essential factor in detecting light intensity; you always consider the lumens.

  1. CRI: Always check CRI; it should be around 80-90, don’t take up to 90 is CRI as it too high. Seek a perfect range of color temperatures for your eye’s safety.
  2. Flicker-free: While buying an eye-caring desk lamp, consider flicker-free features to reduction its glare. We suggest you pick the TaoTronics desk/table lamp as this lamp built to stop LED flickering & also focus on what matters.
  3. A long lifespan: Who loves to pick lamp with short life span or harass for replacing the bulb. So choose an eye care reading lamp with a long lifespan.
  4. A great warranty: Recently, the manufacturer offers 1-3 years’ warranty and good customer services, so check the manufacturer’s warranty before buying.
  5. Diverse lighting option & other: Consider diverse lighting options before you pick the best reading lamp for you.

Also, look a useful aesthetic feature to fits your room!

  1. Style: For some individuals, the style & design of desk lamps set their mood & reflect their personalities. Also, play an indispensable role in the interior.

Consider which lampshade and lamp style will go best for your desktop. Now you can pick 3 basic designs like table lamps, floor lamps & wall sconces reading lamp with eye care. For reading in your bed, you can select the wall sconces.

If you love to spend evening time reading, a stylish desk lamp will be best for you.

  1. Lighting type: First, you figure out what amount of brightness you need to use for reading, keeping your eye-safe. Follow our next step to select the best lighting type.

Incandescent light bulbs:

The traditional bulb-like incandescent light serves as an ideal option to works well with the eyes when searching for eye-protecting light. These types’ bulbs do not flicker without getting overheated; also offer warm-hued tune glow best for reading or focusing.

LED light bulbs:

The LED light bulbs illuminate the same as daylight with the high brightest light. You can find all words on the book pages easily. Yet, if your reading book contains glossier pages, their brightness may create little glare.

Fluorescent light bulb:

We suggest not taking fluorescent light bulb as it may not be ideal for creating eye strain and headaches. But people like this light bulb as it is energy efficient.

Finally, our entire reading lamps are of great usefulness & value. But, we recommend you to pick a dimmable, clip on lamp for eyes or as you like.