Best Cordless Desk Lamp Review 2021 {update 2021}

Best cordless desk lamp or pick a cordless desk lamp if you fond of having a pretty lamp in front of your reading spot- no matter how far the closest outlet is. Just place the light anywhere you don’t need to panic about an outlet or tripping over a cord again.

Cordless lamps are great for nature, energy-efficient also. Battery-powered lamps are ideal for reading, home office, lights up, or décor your living room, bedroom, or any corner of commercial environments or household.

Whatever looks no more!   If you search for the best cordless desk lamp, LAMPPOINT presents you with a well-researched list of the best cordless desk lamps, which are ecologically friendly.

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Best cordless desk lamp 2021

Best cordless desk lamps offer you the best glow for either interior or exterior activities. You can now brighten anyplace whenever you want- special thanks go to the lamp with either rechargeable batteries or battery-powered design.

Cordless desk lamps are easy to use, long-lasting life span, unique collections with various settings for various colors or brightness.

How to pick the best cordless desk lamp that suits you-from the vast collection of so many styles, options, or choices; let’s dig with us to presenting you with the 12 best cordless desk lamps ever! – To pick your perfect one.

1-Gladle Cordless LED Battery Operated Desk Lamp:

Small Gladle Cordless LED Desk Lamp is battery operated & rechargeable desk lamp that can give you glow up to 100 hrs, gooseneck, low battery signal, memory, &touch control functioning. With 30min timer, it is best for using as reading lamps.

Battery life:

Gladle Cordless LED rechargeable desk lamp made with 3500mAh battery power to run long. This cordless desk lamp gives you a maximum 6 hours of brightness with 100 hours in the quiet setting.

Dazzling bright and excellently soft:

LED bulbs are 42 energy-efficient, offer simulated natural golre, and make your desk space or working place flicker-free & ultra-bright. The dispreads light is excellently soft and appropriate for reading/writing.


You can easily adjust the color & dim anywhere & anytime (between 2700K-6000K) through a touch-sensitive system changing a timer button 30-minute and an indicator of low battery.


Gladle Cordless LED Desk Lamp is 360°adjustable with a flexible gooseneck arm. You can adjust to any angle while reading you like; also this lightweight cordless lamp it highly portable.

Outstanding quality:

  • Micro USB port.
  • User manual.
  • Ecologically friendly.
  • Plastic shade material- lightweight.
  • Voltage-5.
  • Wattage-5.
  • Shape- LED bulb.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Great for bedside reading.
Excellent handy bright light.
[/i2pros][i2cons]Maybe a decorative light.[/i2cons][/i2pc]


2-Luxe LED Cordless Desk Lamp:

Pick one of the best versatile LED lights for your home, work, or outdoor need! Luxe LED Cordless Desk Lamp is eligible to stand on your shortlist for its productivity in design & uniqueness with an LCD screen.


Luxe table lamp performs functions versatility & mobility as you wish for both indoors & outdoors to brighten the dark with limpid clear eye using rechargeable, cordless, battery power without straining your eyes.

The Versatile neck offers you call forth an excellent light position.The lamp, in fact, a user’s perfect solution for all purposes.


This lamp needs a little space without hampering its function. You can carry it in bags for the lightweight features. Also, without stumble for the powerful design, it sits on the high of your desks. You can also Cary this lamp in one hand.

Don’t worry about its dirt?  You can easily clean the dirt as the base uses material like rubber.

Multiple Lighting option:

A highly modern design embraced with 18 different corresponding brightness & color settings covering cool white, warm white, and neutral white. For various tasks work like drawing & knitting, natural daylight is ideal.

Product color:

Luxe table lamp is now introducing four popular colors, Silver, Gold, Space Gray, and Rose Gold, matching with your laptop or phone; you can pick it!

Outstanding quality:

  • Touch-sensitive.
  • gives 40 Hours of constant brightness.
  • 360º adjustability & portable.
  • Both outdoor & indoor use
  • lighting modes-3.
  • Brightness levels-6.
  • Battery life 50,000 hours.
  • Micro USB Port.
  • Perfectly adjustable lamp for needlework, reading, or during the blackout.

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Slim and thin body
No heat generation
No heavy metal
Easy to store and manipulate
Flicker-free, no shadows
Soft rubber base[/i2pros][i2cons]Pricey then others[/i2cons][/i2pc]

3-TaoTronics TT-DL23:

TaoTronics- furnish your life to go ahead, get your probable one, and decorate your life with TaoTronics.

Touch-sensitive lamp:

TaoTronics TT-DL23 offers you 3000-3500K color temperature; simply put your finger on the Touch-sensitive panel on the lamp top. Enjoy infinite probabilities of brightness picking from TaoTronics & browse more whatever you choose without any preset levels, to begin with.

All-purposes dark lights:

A desk lamp can make a romantic & comforting environment. You can pick this desk lamp to light up your living room, bedroom, office, and any corner of commercial & household environments. This lamp is ideal for BBQ, camping, emergency conditions, and other lighting requirements.

The life span of the battery:

TaoTronics are made with a 4000mAh rechargeable strong battery that lasts longer. To outlast your expectations & requirements you can keep your lamp on – up to110Hours at minimum brightness.

Don’t think in case of a power cut you can use long-term once it charges fully.

Simple memory functioning:

With its memory functioning system, this desk lamp can restore the light setting you apply before. Simply tap the top of the lamp to control it automatically, touch the sensor once to light on/off the lamp; need long hold to move the brightness; apply a sliding option to adjust the level of intelligence.


TaoTronics are an eye-friendly desk lamp with a 360° light panel besides. No chances of sleeping disturb your baby! Or who is next to you as it gives you delicate & uniform lightning.

Enjoy a relaxing and comfortable moment with TaoTronics, which is most ideal for reading in light surroundings.

Outstanding quality:

  • 4000 mAh Battery.
  • 6-110 Hours working time.
  • 450 lm lumens.
  • Dimmable for the night.
  • 5V voltage output:
  • CCT-3000K
Pros. Cons.
Portable. Outlet defect.
Rechargeable Battery.
Elegant and Cozy.


4-Unifun Touch Lamp:

Comfortable Touch- sensor:

Unifun Touch Lamp simple touch-activated light for the night, reading lamp, table lamp, also bedside lamp with a color vary mode LED lights. With a touch panel, you can control the light fully, like switching light modes. This light takes 3 seconds to turn ON/OFF.

Adoptable Brightness:

Unifun offers you Dim, Low, Middle, and High mode of lighting also cozy & comfortable for relaxation & a rest too peaceful for reading with a bright setting.

Model Type:

A changeable model with an auto RGB color matching cycle can choose a fixed color to suit your desire like Red, Green, & Blue.

360°- Eye-Friendly Light:

With 360°- Eye-Friendly Light panel, Unifun gives a more delicate light while sleeping.

Outstanding quality:

  • Micro USB cable.
  • User manual.
  • 12-month manufacturer warranty.
  • Light up to 8H with minimum brightness.
  • Max brightness-4H.
  • Apply your phone’s adapter to charge; it is compatible.
  • 25 wattage.
  • 7 Voltage.



Pros. Cons.
Adjustable. Plastic materials may be cheap.
Rechargeable Battery.
Soft bright for nursery.


5-Wireless LED Touch Table Lamps- Best stylish:

Wireless LED Touch Table Lamps are very much simple to run & fun making. This lamp responds to your Touch when you tap the middle of the top surface of its.

You can use this multiple such as patios, camping, stairs, guestrooms, & dining tables.



Unlike other touch-sensitive lamps, it has appreciated the handy structure, making it portable; you can go outside, taking it, and carry using one hand. The lamp needs a tiny space but gives the accent light.


This stylish lamp with the led bulbs helps to protect your eyes. The light also covers ultra-wide areas.

Be conscious that the sorts of batteries are updated now applying 3 C batteries.

Outstanding quality:

  • 2 years manufacturer warranty.
  • Use as a handheld light.
  • Top-touch operation.
  • 5 colors are available now.
  • Outdoor use also.


Pros. Cons.
Adjustable. Doesn’t give extremely bright light.
Best stylish.
3 C batteries.



6-JHY 2 Metal Cage LED Lights:

JHY 2 Metal Cage LED Lights are cordless, battery-powered, with LED accent Light. These lamps are designed with 2 pieces of a metal cage- are great for parties, Patio, weddings, or indoors or outdoors events.

Fashionable cage:

Furnish your office or home with a fashion cage lantern cordless lamp. With its sturdy base, it is ideal for keeping on your desk or table.

Soft lights:

JHY 2 Metal Cage LED produces soft white light; it’s 2 sets of the metal cage that will add sweetness & warmness to your room, create a lovely place to live.

Vintage style:

The vintage style reflects ironwork of exquisite that will enhance the aesthetics of your home.

Home décor:

JHY 2 is a unique piece of lamp for both exterior housing, home and office decor.

Outstanding quality:

  • 7″ tall, & 5.6″ deep & wide.
  • Durable metal is used.
  • (3) AAA batteries are required.
  • Cage shape.
  • 12 Volts.
  • 5 watts.
  • Need care with a dry cloth to save from dust.
Pros. Cons.
Painted. Not perfect for outdoor use.
Complete garbage.
Warm & bright.
So cozy.


7- Touch Sensor O’Bright Portable LED Table Lamp:


O’Bright – The cordless LED night lamp is fully battery-powered. 1500 mAh rechargeable battery is attached here, allowing up to 48 hours running. You can join the lamp to your wall outlet all the time to use as a constant bedside night lamp. When you need, you may disconnect it easily to carry as the portable lamp at night for more safety or to use outdoor camping as a spare light.


O’Bright touch sensor nightstand lamp built with 3-levels of brightness- in touch-sensitive dimmer to easily change the brightness by touching the lamp.

The highest brightness is comfort for nursery purposes or reading without disturbing anyone sleeps.

Universal USB port:

This rechargeable light was introduced with a universal USB charging adapter. If you forgot to take its adapter or lost, you can charge the lamp by merely connecting with any USB ports, like computers, laptops, wall outlets, power banks, or power strips.

A nice home decor:

O’Bright- as a novelty lamp, has a low-profile & sleek design to enhance an embellishing mood to your office or home without covering too much space. You can put the light anywhere you like to-your shelves, nightstand, desk, dining table, side table, and so more…..


O’Bright manufacturer offers you a 2-year-worry-free warranty. If your lamp stops working within 2 years, you can replace this without any hesitation.

The team of customer service will contact you within 24 hours or give a new one without charge. Pick the lamp with confidence!

Outstanding quality:

  • Built-in LED
  • Color temperature- (3000K) soft white
  • Brightness level: 20% / 50% / 100%
  • Up to 48 hours battery life.
  • Diameter:-4.5 inches
  • Height- 8 inches.
  • Night Light for Kids, Nightstand Lamp, Bedside Lamp (Gold)
Pros. Cons.
 Perfect for nursery. Attractive but defective.
 Perfect size.
So cozy.


8-HUGOAI Cordless- Bedrooms Table Lamps:

HUGOAI Cordless, rechargeable, table lamps for bedrooms, dimmable entirely battery operated lights with Shades.

Design & materials:

HUGOAI design wirelessly & safely for your kids; there are no hidden dangers of electric cables but offers professional brightness with a sturdy light source. It gives glare-free shine also friendly to the eyes.

Hence, the toy-grade PC & ABS materials used crate it safe for babies & kids.

Lightweight & rechargeable:

HUGOAI Cordless lamps built-in 4000mAh rechargeable battery can run up to 60Hours at minimum brightness. You can connect to any power source or any USB-Cable for recharging.

The modern design & lightweight gives an easy way to carry out flawlessly and décor to any furniture.


Use HUGOAI to fulfill your different bedside needs using its versatile system. You can adjust brightness from 3%-100%, 3 options of color temperature: 2000K, 3000K, and 4000K, 16 million shaking colors. You can apply this lamp as a relaxing lamp, nightstand lamp, reading lamp, baby nursery light, romantic atmosphere light, etc.

Using method:

Anyone, any aging person, can efficiently operate this friendly night lamp. Users have to fix the brightness smoothly also can choose color precisely as they wish, don’t need to sit again and again. This lamp can remind your last setting whatever you make it off.


HUGOAI manufacturer gives 12-month quality warranty & technical supports for the lifetime to this LED desk lamp.

Outstanding quality:

  • Switch style push button.
  • 450 Lumen.
  • 5 watts.
  • Stepless dimmable lighting.
  • 30 mins Good Night” mode timer.
  • 256 lights are used.
Pros. Cons.
In every way it is perfect. May not work with alexia.
 Lovely color mode.
Best quality then pricing.



With flexible gooseneck, DEEPLITE is a pretty desk lamp.


DEEPLITE lamp built-in battery-equipped system you don’t need to plug-in while using, portable & cordless easy to take anywhere freely, mostly if power failure happens.

Only notice that put your lamp fully charged to save the battery’s lifespan for a long time.

Touch-sensitive & dimmable:

DEEPLITE touch-sensitive option control 3-level brightness swiftly, best for crafting, working, studying, reading, camping, displaying, or emergency use.

You can use for office, college dorm, bedroom, kids room, living room, bathroom, etc.

Foldable & flexible:

With a 360° flexible gooseneck lamp permits you to make light where you required. You can easily fold into a small lamp; that why it doesn’t need too much space to keep while traveling; you can take it with you.


Universal USB cable is equipped charging, use a USB adapter, desktop, power bank, and laptops port to charge it.

Power saving & eye-caring:

DEEPLITE gooseneck lamp offers 5 W bright glow, full brightness with 400 lumens totally flicker-free without any dark space, saves your eyes from strained.


DEEPLITE manufacturer provides 12 months warranty for this portable lamp.

Outstanding quality:

  • Plastic material.
  • General-purpose uses.
  • Adjustable light direction.
  • Kelvin, CT.
  • 5 watts.
  • 5 Volts.
Pros. Cons.
Perfect for general. May very compact.
Universal cable.


10-Small Cordless Table Lamps with Best Flexibility:

If you want a small but powerful light, Small Cordless Table Lamps is exactly what you are looking for.

Lightweight & small:

Small Cordless table lamps give a modern & simple look for your rooms with cylinder shape & white or black finish. It is convenient to move here & there for its lightweight features. The plus point is that the light has been designed virtually to meet your different requirements.

Modest light:

It may be out of your imaginations that the small light offers a broad limit of color rating, seat up with (2700K to 6000K light) shown by cool white light & warm white.


You can adjust both brightness levels & the light colors through the touch sensor controller—the lamp built-in rechargeable battery.

Of course, the light is fantastic for those who have kids as the lamp produces a colorful light that seems like a night lamp for your toddlers or babies’ room.

Outstanding quality:


  • Foldable body.
  • USB charging port.
  • Touch sensor.
  • Lights 2700K to 6000K.
  • Adoptable lamp head
  • Light base with 7 colors
  • 2 light modes.
  • 2 brightness levels.
Pros. Cons.
Dimmable light. Only the light introduces with a USB cable to charge.
Flicker free light & soft.
Adjustable brightness.


11-Motion Sensor Cordless Table Lamps:

Especially for your living room, you can pick Motion Sensor Cordless Table Lamps.

Versatile Use:

It is a lightweight, this desk lamp functions dual like a localized brightened fixture & a piece of room décor. You can keep this on kitchen tables, hallways, stairways, washstands, entry foyers, and bedroom nightstands. The auto sensor function covers almost 10 feet detecting area, offering you to control hurting in total darkness.

Lightweight & Handy:

The lamp weight is only 5.3 ounces that makes it so easy-to-carry. You can take it in one hand. Enjoy the smart night light at a low price.

We think this handy night lamp and stylish room decor combo is suited to your investment.

Outstanding quality:

  • Good quality at a low price.
  • Eye-caring light without flare.
  • Sensor light & permanent light -2 light modes.
  • The versatile item on the place where is no cables or plugs
Pros. Cons.
Lightweight. limited time detection sensor.



12-Decorative Retro Cordless Side Table Lamps:

New stylish design:

If you love to add soften & charm decor of your offices or homes, you can pick these table lamps. The bulbs interweave by the metal stripes that makes the desk lamp excellent to add a futuristic look to your spaces.

The aesthetics art piece offers a vigorous & festive mood to help you get free from the profound sense & oppressive.

Accent glow:

The set of the 3 bulbs furnish inside of LEDs with a string of lighting bonds. You can perfectly decorate the end tables, study shelves, office workbenches, side tables, closets, bedroom dressers, restrooms, bathrooms, etc.

Outstanding quality:

  • 3 LED bulbs.
  • Triple tone light.
  • Strong metal material.
  • The light bright is always the same.
  • Attractive desk lamp.
Pros. Cons.
Elegant appearance. Not handy.
Artsy light.


Best Cordless Desklamp Buying Guide


Honestly speaking, you should put your priorities first before buying the lamps you wish to. Take a lamp which will offer a good mood, so keep the style in the first place.

You can choose a lamp that will suit to your decorations & other furniture. If you pick an unmatched desk lamp & put it on your nightstands, end tables, or workbench, surly, this will hamper your aesthetic decor look also hesitate you all time you work toward the lamp.

So our rule says that modern, stylish table lamps should be your first choice on decor versatility.


Then consider the lamp design, it is true that presently the cordless desk lamp comes with a vast variety of functions & in a modern look.

Search the lamp following your functional needs. After getting the lamp which suits your requirements also having extra features at a reasonable price, don’t go next; just take it home.

You can choose the Luxe LED cordless desk lamp that will be best to get a modern look & design to décor your indoor and outdoor with high quality and multifunction.

Battery power:

Cordless desk lamps are actually battery-powered lamp offers different conventional uses.  While you charged the battery properly, the lamp is ready to lights beam to bright as you wish doesn’t need where you are. How long time the battery can run, you should know this.

Naturally, the lifespan of a lamp measures with the battery power, so while picking up your cordless desk lamp, consider this vital battery power factor.

Almost all the lamps on the present market are built with a 1200 mAh or an 800 mAh or lithium battery that means each 2 – 3 hours battery charge will run at least 12 hours working time.

USB port:

Many table lamps are built using a USB charger. You can charge the lamp with any king of the USB port of any smart devices, so try to pick one with a USB charging cable.

Type of bulb:

Consider what kinds of bulbs are used?  Mainly LED lights give the height brightness, but if you love indirect, soft light, these will not the best.

Light Color:

Here we are talking about the lamp functionality. The light color is most comfortable on the eyes & which one is harmful- is the prime question when lighting color points come.

A survey said four of light- reddish, yellowish, and white light & bluish light. But happily, they are not harmful to your eye’s health. These colors play an excellent role in different modes.

  • Reddish light is excellent suitable mainly for romantic & warm atmosphere. As a night light, it doesn’t interfere with the sleep circle.
  • Yellowish light is the best for the bedroom as large light sources mainly for bedtime reading; this optimal color is easiest on your eyes.
  • White light is considered a task that light-activated the brain cells, helps you be productive, and remain energetic while working and studying.
  • One factor to highlight is that seldom person applies bluish light, but it creates glare and messes sometimes with your sleep quality, so don’t use it before sleep.


Adjustable head:

Choose your desk lamp with an adjustable head to work with flexibility.

Don’t worry! If you have no idea about how to choose your perfect cordless desk lamp, presently, almost all the desk lamps come with multiple brightness levels & color modes. Just apply your light ideas, requirement, pocket amount, then choose the best one.


Enhance your home décor with the best cordless lamps from our handpicked list and furnish your assembly of crucial home gadgets!