Benefits and Reasons to Put a Salt Lamp in Your Life

Hearing about the Himalayan salt lamps, we all remember the same image, a rock of salt, pale pink when turned off and fiery orange when turned on.

Benefits and reasons to put a salt lamp in your lifeAnd it would be correct, but they are not so trivial, because these precious home accessories, far from the esotericism that once surrounded them, hide a lot of properties and benefits closely linked to our health.

Rivers of ink have flowed on it and I am aware that surfing the internet we can find a lot of information, so much that it can saturate us. Therefore, to make it easier, I have compiled all the positive properties that are given to the salt stone lamps, and I have collected them all here, for you.

Let’s start by the beginning

Before getting into the subject, and as we have been taught from a very young age, we must create a solid base of basic knowledge before tackling more complex topics.

Here I am going to answer a question that I asked myself when I started researching this curious world . What makes a Himalayan salt lamp so special?

Does the term negative ion tell you something? Well, it is the key to everything.

A little bit of Biology. The matter we know, which includes you and I, is made up of atoms. And these in turn are made up of three particles, protons, electrons and neutrons.

Electrons, which are negatively charged, orbit (just as our planet does with the sun) around the nucleus of an atom.

Occasionally, by the vagaries of nature, that electron is lost, leaving a positively charged ion in its place. Do you know what the function of this new element is? Stop feeling incomplete and get together with a negative ion, nothing more. And it doesn’t mind stealing it from other molecules!

And as you can imagine, this is where the salt lamps come in, flying with their cape. Because yes, they are an inexhaustible source of negative ions.

So simplifying, we could say that they complete us. 

Benefits and positive properties

We already have the basis we need to enter the matter. Now we are going to analyze together the benefits associated with the Himalayan salt lamps for our health.

1. They clean the air

This is probably the best known benefit of pink salt lamps, their ability to remove dust, tobacco smoke, pollen, and a host of pollutants from the air around them.

This is possible because salt crystals are hygroscopic , in other words, they attract water molecules from the environment and trap them , and with them, other substances as well.

Later, when the salt lamp is turned on, as it uses filament bulbs, due to its heat, the salt rock is heated, evaporating the water it has absorbed and leaving the rest of the pollutants on its surface.

2. Reduce allergy and asthma symptoms

This point is directly related to the previous one. Salt lamps, during the process of absorbing moisture from the surrounding environment, do the same with a large part of the particles that cause allergies or mild respiratory problems, such as dust, pet dander, pollen and the like.

At this point I am going to make a very important point, we must always visit a specialist to evaluate our conditions first-hand. So if you have severe breathing problems, this should be the first step. Health first! Forever!

3. They fight the effects of positive ions on our lungs

When the salt lamp is turned on, the bulb begins to heat the surface of the salt stone, which leads to the release of the water molecules again, and with them, negatively charged ions.

These ions seek their positive counterpoint and cancel each other out.

There are many sources of positive ions at home , some electronic devices are the source of them, so having a source of positive ions seems like a good idea.

One of the negative effects associated with positive ions is their ability to affect the cilia that line our trachea, making them less effective in keeping our lungs free of pollutants.

4. Help eliminate electromagnetic radiation

The modern world that surrounds us has infinite advantages, whether for health, transportation or entertainment, but one of the prices to pay for them is living constantly surrounded by electromagnetic radiation.

Nowadays it is practically impossible to live in an environment free of radiation of this type, unless we live near a radio-telescope as it happens in the town of Green Bank in the United States.

And since moving doesn’t seem like the best solution, our salt lamps can help us counteract electromagnetic radiation.

5. Help reduce static electricity in the air

I am the first to hate static electricity discharges. They always catch me unexpectedly, getting out of the car, stroking the cat (he doesn’t like them either), opening a metal closet at work, and so on in countless situations.

Fortunately, it is associated with salt lamps as a natural component in the neutralization of ionized particles in the air, which would avoid the aforementioned annoyances.

Do you hate them too?

6. Improve mood and concentration

Being sources of negative ions, Himalayan salt lamps help improve mood and concentration, due to the effect they cause on our body.

One of the many beneficial effects associated with negative ions is an increased oxygen supply to the brain and other organs, as well as giving a small boost of serotonin.

Is the same effect that makes us a cat, except concentration … 😻

7. They help you sleep better

Of course, the positive ions have become the bad guys in this movie , as they are also accused of causing poor quality sleep.

All this as they say because they reduce the brain’s oxygen supply, causing us not to rest what we should, or rather, what we need.

It will be the negative ions generated by the salt rocks that return us to those nights of deep rest, because there is nothing better than sunrise with the feeling of having recharged the batteries.

8. Help increase energy

Nobody likes thieves, and less if those petty thieves called positive ions are dedicated to depleting the energy of our body.

The way to end them is to resort to sources of negative ions, since as you will remember their function is to find each other and neutralize each other.

We can use our salt lamp or any of the energy sources that nature provides us.

Don’t you feel better after a good walk?

9. They are respectful with the environment

Let us remember that our salt lamp is totally natural , since it is mainly composed of a “raw” pink salt crystal, which is extracted from the salt mines in Pakistan. That rock of salt is barely treated and reaches your hands as it sees the light of day.

Although it cannot be ignored that they require electricity to work, therefore, if you want the most ecological salt lamp that exists, you have at your disposal the salt candle holders , which work with tea candles.

How do I care for my salt lamp?

Now that you know the benefits associated with different salt lamps, you may be wondering how to keep it as it was on the first day.

And it is a very good question! Since the properties that make them so special, in turn, help their decomposition.

But let’s not worry, its maintenance is very simple and easy to carry out, I give you all the details about its care so that it is preserved wonderfully and accompany you for many years.


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