Are LED Lights Brighter Than Fluorescent?

Are you Confused- what to choose?  LED lights or fluorescent? Maybe you’re going out of time.

In the past, all we had an incandescent light bulb only. Modern technologies are flourishing our lighting sources with various standard lights. Presently we’ve light-emitting diodes or LED or compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). But which one is brighter?

In our write-up, we are tackling this question, as there many related variables, so let’s define!

LEDs light:

As an electronic device LED or “Light-Emitting Diode.” t emits light when electricity passed within it. In the beginning, LEDs originated only red light, but the latest LEDs offer us various colors, such as red, blue, green & white light as well.

Usually, LEDs are used for indicator lights on e-devices also used in electronic signs, flashlights & clock displays. LEDs run almost 100,000 hours & energy efficiently also that’s why LEDs start to take the place of traditional light bulbs.

LEDs allow you a brighter light using less energy comparing with others. It has a different advantage, such as long lifetime, enhanced physical robustness, faster switching & smaller size.

LEDs are tremendously using in street lights, on cars, as decorative lighting, smart phone, TV, or computer display also.


A fluorescent lamp or tube uses fluorescence to generate visible light- it is an approachable mercury-vapor gas-damp light. A fluorescent lamp turns electrical power into light more productively than incandescent lamps.

As these types of lamps need a ballast to operate the electricity through the lamp, its fixtures are dearer than incandescent lamps.

CFLs use one-third electric energy and last longer (8-15 times), but the initial cost is higher than an incandescent lamp. Fluorescent lamps are of two sorts merged and non- merged lamps.

LED lights vs. fluorescent:

If you deal with an LED bulb vs. a CFL by replacing each other, it will be better to determine the differences between them.

Wattage & Lumen comparison:

Here, we show you a chart to describe the sum of brightness in lumens and various wattages of light bulbs. As LED bulbs need less wattage than CFL, that’s why LEDs are longer lasting & energy-efficient than other competitors.

But, how to realize this table – at the first far-left column lumens (brightness) is measured, then comparing what kinds of light bulbs require how many watts produce brightness. Remind this-the less the wattage, the better.

lumens (brightness) Incandescent Watts CFL Watts LED Watts
400 – 500 40w 8-12w 6-7w
650-850 60w 13-18w 8-10w
1000-1400 75w 19-22w 11-13w
1450-1700+ 100w 23-30w 13-20w
2700+ 150w 31-55w 24-28w


Comparing with different light bulbs, you realize about lumens-not watts; this tells you the brightness level of a light bulb is.

With more lumens, the bulb will offer more brightness. Whenever you go shopping next light bulb, choose the lamp seeing the lumen output you’re looking for and the lowest wattage.

Cost-effective comparison:

Let’s explore the cost comparison, in this example, take at a standard 60-watt substitution incandescent bulb. Please take a look at our estimated table below-


  LED bulb CFL bulb Incandescent bulb
Lumens 10w/800 lumens 10w/450 lumens 10w/81 lumens
Typical life span 25000hrs 8000hrs 12000hrs
Energy efficiency Best Good Average
Yearly cost $1.34/yr $1.78/yr $3.05/yr


Long-lasting comparison:

As the latest technology, the lifespan counting of LED technology is astounding. But our estimated table shows that LED has a lifespan astonishing of 25,000 hours. On the other side, the Incandescent bulb’s lifespan is 1200 hrs, and the CFL bulb lifespan is 8000hrs.

Energy-efficiency comparison:

Incandescent bulbs & CFL have less Energy-efficiency comparison in comparison with LED bulbs. We suggest you use LED bulbs to make your home smart; over traditional bulbs, LED bulbs to save 25%-35% energy.

LED bulbs & CFL give off how much heat?

LED bulbs produced very tiny energy on heat efficiency. Incandescent & CFL waste the most energy. CFLs give off 80% as heat.

Hence, our last word is LEDs lights are brighter, energy-efficient light bulbs then fluorescent. LEDs offer best brightness, durability, best-sizes, colors & shapes for any application. However, if you yet not move from CEL or incandescent, it is the right time for you- make your choice for better lighting you want to.

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