13 Bright Ideas to Light up Without the Hassle

Well-placed fixtures not only bring soft light into your home, but can also make your day-to-day life easier!

Tired of looking for your clothes in the dark ? Is your walk-in closet not bright enough? You no longer have a socket available to connect your charger ? Are you always looking for the switch in when you come home in the evening or when you get up in the morning?

No need to worry, we have solutions for you! Follow our 13 tips and forget about all your lighting problems .

Problem # 1: I don’t have enough outlets to light me up!

You have plugged your bedside or desk lamp into the only available outlet. Great !

But here comes the famous dilemma: charge your phone or have a light?

The solution ?

Simply a built-in USB bedside or desk lamp to directly charge your phone or tablet. But the top of current technology remains undoubtedly lamps with integrated induction charger

Problem # 2: I can’t find the right brightness!

A room that is too bright if the light is on and too dark if it is off.

Forget this problem with the brand new system developed by PHILIPS and decide for yourself the colors and transitions for an atmosphere entirely personalized and adapted to your needs.

With its control by smartphone or tablet and its 16 million colors, you can create your own lighting and your own fully automated light shows. Also use it as an activity simulator during your vacation!

Problem # 3: I don’t want to install a dimmer!

For a moment, is it really possible to vary the intensity of the light in a room without having to set up an entire electrical installation?

Clearly, yes! Many manufacturers have thought of customers who love to make their life easier! They simply integrated the dimmer directly into the bulb of the lamp. The underlying technology is called EasyDim and as soon as the ceiling light is connected, the intensity is adjusted by repeatedly pressing the usual wall switch.

Problem n ° 4: I do not have an electrical connection for my wall light!

But I would like to have one! In apartments, it is often complicated, if not impossible to add new electrical connections, or you may simply not want to inflict the stress of the installation on yourself. But a wall lamp is often a necessity in certain rooms, for example in the bedroom if you are running out of space on your bedside table . For this, there are some emblematic lamps such as the “Birdy” by Birger Dahl in specially adapted variants. The solution ? A take ! Simply attach the lamp, plug in the power and enjoy!

Problem # 5: I need the right lighting to cook!

You may be a cordon bleu but you are constantly wondering if you have put the right spice in your dish? Who has never nearly confused cinnamon and nutmeg?

It looks like you have a lighting problem! You probably only have a ceiling light away from the kitchen cabinet: furniture often obstructs light.

Take advantage of your furniture and adorn it with beautiful under-cabinet lighting to see (finally) more clearly!

With motion detector, with integrated plug, to glue or fix, there is something for everyone!


Problem # 6: I need a lamp to use everywhere!

A case of figure more frequent than one thinks. Impossible of course with ceiling lights that would have to be dismantled and attached elsewhere. But just imagine a portable barbecue lamp that you could also carry in front of you (to look for the toilet in the dark of an unlit house), or simply put it wherever you want to complete your decoration. One magic word: Light to Go! Practical lights to carry everywhere thanks to their integrated battery.

Problem n ° 7: lighting as with a suspension, but without suspension!

The Castiglioni brothers also broke their heads on this problem in 1962. Their inspiration? Public lighting. The result ? A completely new type of luminaire: the arched floor lamp . The very first arched floor lamp, Arco, already illuminated the dining tables and allowed you to move quietly under the arch thus created. Today arched floor lamps are mainly used for large living rooms or to accompany a comfortable armchair.

Problem # 8: I’m too lazy to turn on the light!

Or, you just can’t do it. Outdoor luminaires are not often equipped with switches on the facade. And how many times have you told yourself that you don’t need the light installed on your stairs so long as you know them? Very honestly? It is not a bad thing to admit it. So let the lamp decide for itself when it should light. Thanks to its motion detector. You will save electricity and increase the life of your lamps.

Problem n ° 9: lighting my dressing room without turning on the main lighting!

Can’t find your favorite dress and yet you are sure it’s hanging in the walk-in closet? But do you only see gray and bland clothes? If no one has secretly changed your clothes, you are probably suffering from a lighting problem: the light from your bedroom ceiling light is probably not effective enough to illuminate the corners of your wardrobe. Just choose a furniture lamp . “But an electrical installation is still missing” you tell me? Simply choose one equipped with a battery or a battery, hang it in your cabinet and turn on! Dress found!

Problem # 10: I don’t like dark corners, I like to see clearly!

If we came up with a simple track light system, you would probably answer this, “You call that solving a problem?” And the installation? What about the plans? »With a rail system, no more worries. A connection the whole system lights up . No need for magic!

Problem # 11: I often have a headache at work or at home!

Let us be clear first and foremost, desk lamps cannot

Nor reduce stress

Nor reduce your paperwork

Nor serve as a doctor if you are sick

But improving your working conditions in terms of light is possible. And make your documents easier to read to take the strain off your eyes. And therefore significantly reduce fatigue and headaches.

Problem n ° 12: I want to spend good evenings with family or friends!

The dining table is often the main crossroads in your home. Once the meal is over, it becomes a place for discussion and lively debates between friends. Or a place of work to finish homework. And your lamp must adapt to all these uses, right? How? ‘Or’ What ? By being able to adapt its height easily.

Problem # 13: I want to light up and see the entrance to my house wherever I am!

It doesn’t matter if I’m lying on the beach in the south of France, shopping at the supermarket or just sitting on the couch with no desire to get up: I want to be sure what’s going on. walk past my door. It sounds futuristic to you, but the offer already exists. With the lamps equipped with camera, you will be able to view live from your smartphone what is happening in front of your door and even send or receive your voice. Never miss the mailman again, speak to him directly.


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